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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Montag, 23. November 2009

On Genetic Mutation

Homa organic farming system itself brings about genetic mutations in plants. All these are beneficial as we have experienced it.
For example cocoa is harvested twice in a year but we started harvesting cocoa every month. This is due to genetic mutation brought about by atmospheric purification. (Note: We have seen this in places where the Homa Therapy Resonance Technique has been installed).This thing is told in ancient knowledge and they say that you can grow large quantities of food in a small area with better quality, taste, nutrition and longer shelf life. All these mutations are beneficial environmentally, helpful and scientific.
Genetic mutation that we are talking about now refers to GM introduced by companies like Monsanto and some others. To reduce the use of pesticides they say the plant itself will be able to repel the pest and no pesticide will be required. However again after a little while the pest acquires immunity and they will require stronger pesticides.
1. So one point is food grown by such methods, will it have nutritive qualities which are necessary?
2. Will human beings be able to extract nutrition from that food or will their capacity be hampered as days go by? It has definitely been proven that when animals were fed with BT cotton they have died. They have died on a large scale with pain in the body.
So first of all we have to test scientifically what will be the side effect of such Monsanto GM products. That has not been done.
It takes several years to do it and it is bound to show that it is harmful.
The company knows this. So it is trying to use all sorts of corrupt methods of bribing the government people and pushing there crime all over the world.
Unfortunately for mankind they have succeeded in destroying nearly all parts of the earth, the greatest crime done against humanity.
Only HOMA atmosphere will be able to heal the evil effects of these companies.
So we can see that the GM that they have made is faulty.
We will see from the above discussion that we are not against the science of genetic mutation but it just has to be done scientifically. Tests have to be taken for several years.