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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Heal the Atmosphere Association U.S.A.

Science and Religion Meet
Reveal Knowledge
When man first realized that he needed energy to do many things he wanted to do, he began to look at other alternatives. Quantum physics came into play. The idea of the atom was not new. Over 3,000 years ago the Greeks had the idea of the atom. The word or the name atoms was established by the Greeks it meant ‘uncuttable’. One Greek philosopher believed that nothing existed but atoms and the void as he referred to it. As they divided many substances to smaller parts they always came to atoms.
The Rishis and Seers of old had already gone beyond the atom to the void. The Rishis and Seers took the quest for truth beyond the physical. Early ancient Greeks had said that all matter consisted of Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
In 1661, Robert Boyle and Sir Isaac Newton added their theory about the atom and its chemistry. Years later a French chemist, Antoine Lavoisier, listed nearly fifty basic elements and at the same time he proved that Air was no simple substance but a mixture of two different gases. A few years later two Englishmen proved that Water was a composition of hydrogen and oxygen. The scientists along with others develop the idea of Elements-a substance which cannot be broken down into a simpler substance by chemical means. Since their time we have known that ninety basic elements exist in nature and thirteen or more have been created artificially.
The Rishis and Seers instead of looking outside for answers, they began to look inside. They felt and knew that there was a bigger force behind the order of all things. So they start with the dynamics of mind stuff. Simply by listening and learning how to observe the mind; learning how not to get entangled in the frolic of the mind, they were able to spears through the atomic level. Their discovery brought them to the realization of vibration and the important role it plays.
In 1895, a German physicist, Wilhelm R. Roentgen was studying the Rays of Crystals; he found the tube that the crystals were in gave off Rays which penetrate black paper. Then he found he could see the bone of his hand. Because he did not know what the rays were, he called them the X-Rays. X-rays are somewhat like light but have a greater power of penetration.
In 1896, a French physicist was trying to determine if certain materials would give off X-rays. Exposing certain materials to sunlight he found they would glow in the dark. But later he found uranium did this whether exposed of not. The uranium seemed to be giving off energy constantly. Henri Becquered thus called it radioactivity. To a scientist radioactivity is a process by which one substance of itself will change into another substance and in the process release energy. They found that after uranium was removed from the black paper, a new material left behind was a million times more active than the pitch blend (black paper). They also found the new name of Radium gave them a new source of energy. With all of these studies they concluded that atoms have a nucleus of Dense Core surrounded by electrons that move in orbit around the nucleus. They also discover many atomic particles inside nucleus including a proton. The protons had a positive charge but because of their location they could not be removed from the nucleus. Electrons with its negative orbit around the nucleus could be removed because they were outside of the atom and were made to flow through a conductor.
(Note: This is when the trouble starts whenever mankind creates fission and infusion improperly he can destroy a whole civilization so say the Vedas).
They also found that the nucleus carries a positive electron charge which is equal to the total negative charge of the electrons. When they found that there were naturally radioactive atoms, they wondered if they could break up the nucleus of the atoms that were non-radioactive. Radioactive atoms produce three kinds of rays: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
In 1919, Lord Rutherford proved that the nucleus of an atom could be broken. Later it was discovered that the nucleus had another particle that we could use: the neutrons. The neutrons were the same size as protons without any charge. It was also discovered that the orbiting electrons were very much lighter than any other nuclear particles found. One proton weighs as much as 1,837 electrons. This discovery was very important because it was found that they could be dislodged from the nucleus of an atom and it could penetrate the nucleus of another atom easily.
In 1939 more artificial elements were created. Uranium was bombarded with neutrons in the attempt to create a new element. The Uranium atoms broke into two pieces. The process gave out a tremendous burst of energy and two or more neutrons were released from the smashed atom. These three neutrons in turn hit new atoms and the process continued this was known as a chain reaction that could go on indefinitely when certain conditions exist. The process was known as fission. Uranium was selected because it contained one kind of atom that was easy to split, U-235. When split, a neutron would be released; traveling 10,000 miles per second. Because there are many heavier atoms, it was decided that a heavier atom could stop the expansion. When a fusion takes place it combines nuclei of the light elements to heavier elements.
The Rishis and Seers have proven over and over again that in deep state of meditation (communion with the cosmos takes place) and through deep experimentation the truth of the Universe was revealed in all its glory. The Rishis became known as those that could see beyond selfish, good and bad of the present time. Modern science uses microscopes and telescopes for expansion of wisdom. Yet our vision does not reach the height or depth of the Rishis (Seers). They learned to see beyond everything. Nothing from the past or future was beyond their vision. They could see the wider speculation of human life. They had the vision and capability to see the root causes of our behavior hidden in the form of seeds. They could see the past, present, and future at the SAME time. They could reach the depths of consciousness and subtleties of the Universe and find the principles of life.
They knew of the atom and they could explore the regions from where the atoms were. The Sub-atomic region was open to all humans. There can be no shortcuts for this area of knowledge is too powerful for one who is not pure of heart. Those regions beyond the atom are the highest of high which the Rishis knew of and traveled to several times. This region is shown to those worthy of this true realization. This area is far beyond the matter that man has treaded in for eons. Each great soul that has come has tried to make the knowledge available to the generation that they were born in. They tried to do it in a language that they could understand. It was and continues to be science; the true science of all things. To lock this science into a dogmatic, pragmatic box was the injustice known to mankind as religion. True religion is all ancient science, not science as we know it today. Humility was the main star of science of old. Communication with all creation was the science of all. Respect for the work of the greatest scientist of all was needed and is still needed to go beyond the world of atoms. The Word, Time, Space, and Atom Centrum is a place that Rishis have gone far beyond.
As we have prodded along, we have disrupted the delicate balance of creation at whatever cost. The scientific balance at the sub-atomic level had been disrupted as we travel into certain areas without asking permission of the scientist who created it all. We have tampered with and created elements that do not fit into the mathematical equation of the scientist who before all other scientists put this plan into the works. How can you destroy the soil; create new elements that have no place with the natural ones? How can you destroy the air by creating artificial elements that cannot be destroyed or neutralized based on the original system that was put in place by the original Scientist ?
As with any scientist, the Supreme Scientist had his safety valve in place for seeable sidereal that could come about. Even for the fission and fusion of elements that could destroy all life as we know it. Humility was and still is the key. You must come as humble as a child for the secret of ALL CREATION to be revealed.
Today there is truly no other choice. Our beloved Creator of all creation has given us a scientific solution to a scientific problem. The big joke is that it requires humility and is nothing like we imagine it to be. Is resets every cycle to the planet back to its natural cycle. Because He loves all of his creations, it is a tool that everyone can use. He has no favorites. Real sustainability is the key and the need of the hour. If you cannot stop the fission and fusion of the elements improperly, then you do not understand the TRUE recipe for life.
Going green is what is projected to the masses. Confusion and worry is known to most scientists. Real sustainability deals with the make-up of all things: the soil, the air, the water, the wood, the food; the very essence of quantum physics has to be addressed. To all who listen, we have come to show you how to address it. We reveal the knowledge that the Rishis have placed at your feet. Real sustainability means the difference between life and death for all mankind. We ask nothing. We must protect the Mother for all of us.
The science of Homa Therapy provides us with a deeper understanding into the real science of all things: vibration therapy, color therapy, environment therapy, mineral therapy, the elements, fusion, fission and properly nurturing all nature in the proper manner while exploring the deepest part of nature, space and time. All balance is kept in check as we look for the answer before us.
It is important that the solution to investigate all nature is something that everyone can perform, from a small child to the oldest of us.
When you do Homa Therapy/Agnihotra, you create 5 gases (Propylene, Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Acetylene, Brutopopiolanctone) at exactly the time the sun is said to rise or set. It is the fifth gas that sucks the pollution from the Atmosphere. All pollutants become neutralized. The residue neutralizes all artificial elements and nuclear wastes. Any artificial element is deadly to all natural elements. They do not fit into the recipe. Nuclear waste can now be destroyed – it does not fit. It can be neutralized alone with other artificial elements. “The very fabric of Earth is coming loose in the name of progress.” WE ARE HERE!

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

International “Brain Storming Conference on Innovative Ancient Techniques in Resolving the Current Crisis of Soil, Water and Environment

Organized by WAPCOS Ltd. (A Government of India Undertaking), Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, India, Water Foundation, New Delhi and Five Fold Path Mission, India and allied organizations.
Date 14th Februrary 2010 at Central Soil and Material Research Station, New Delhi.

Dr. R.K Pathakji, Dr. Ulrich Berk, Ms. Manuela S.Szcypior and Mr. Reiner Szcypior spoke as representatives of Homa Therapy Five Fold Path Mission, India.
Following the speech of Ms. And Mr. Szcypior
Experience with Agnihotra and Radioactivity Karin Heschl (Austria) by Manuela S. Szcypior
Homa Therapy Teacher, Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, Dist: Khargone, M.P.
After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, scientists in some European countries became more curious and wondered how this Agnihotra effect comes about. During his several trips to Eastern Europe, Shree Vasant Paranjpe told the scientists that if they look at Agnihotra merely from the point of view of chemistry, they might not be able to make much progress. However, if they look at Agnihotra from the point of view of Quantum Physics, they would find a gold mine of knowledge in this ancient Vedic science of healing the atmosphere.
“Vedas” literally means “knowledge”. It is the ancient most body of knowledge known to human beings. It contains many sciences. Among them are the Vedic sciences of bio-energy, climate engineering, agriculture, biorhythms, pyramidology, medicine, etc (Ayurveda is the oldest science of medicine which exists).
Shree Vasant told the scientists “If you test Agnihotra with an oscilloscope, you will notice a special sound coming from fire. It is sound that heals. Other things are there but key is the sound. Fire produces sound but it also reacts to sound. The act of singing special vibrations while the Agnihotra copper pyramid fire burn creates a resonance effect which invigorates the cells of plants, leading to better reproductive cycles. Resonance plays a vital part in natural phenomena.” It is RESONANCE which heals. This is how plant plagues and epidemics go away. It is RESONANCE which heals the plants, soil, water and air.
Chernobyl was very dangerous, but today it is even more dangerous. Before, the radioactive elements were in the air - now they are in the soil. Europe is suffering! Children don’t have enough non-radioactive elements. Of course the TVs, newspapers and radios don’t speak about the real situation, but the scientists and experts know that it is very dangerous. Every day becomes more and more difficult.
When the Chernobyl nuclear accident happened, Ms.Karin a Homa volunteer had a farm near Graz in Austria. Immediately after the accident the Austrian Government issued instructions that every farmer had to carry milk and fodder for testing for radioactivity. When she did this, the inspectors were shocked, because they found only normal radioactivity levels in the milk and fodder samples. The inspectors said it was not possible to have normal radioactivity after Chernobyl. They asked: “Is there anything special that you are doing on your farm?”
Ms.Karin told them that her farm was using ancient Ayurveda technology to grow food which is now presented as HOMA Organic Farming technology: She replied.. “We do a small fire in a small copper pyramid exactly at the moments of sunrise/sunset. Materials burnt are dried cow dung cake pieces, a little clarified butter from cow milk and a few grains of raw rice. This is called Agnihotra Homa. Also we do another Homa, repeating one mantra and adding a drop of clarified butter to the fire after the mantra for four hours daily. On full moon and new moon days we take turns to maintain the second HOMA for twenty-four hours. According to Ayurveda by this method we inject nutrition into the atmosphere. This affects the plants, soil and subsoil water.”
However the inspectors were not interested. For a scientist, one such experience should be enough to motivate him to do further research. (thank you)

Agnimile Purohitam…………… Reiner

At the time of creation Almighty Father gave the Manual for a healthy, happy and prosperous life to mankind. VEDA. The first word in this revelation was Agni…. This seems to me an indication about the supreme nature of Fire.
Humankind still has this knowledge till today. We have been also given the power of Discrimination. Humanity is the supreme creature. It is We who further create the fate of the world.
Let us look at the world; humanity has almost 100 % succeeded as by today to destroy, respectively pollute all of the world’s natural resources. Almost all water resources are polluted, the air we breathe is filthy and the soil and our life stock grown in the soil are heavily contaminated with agro chemical and industrial emissions carried down to earth through rain. Diseases are spreading as never before. We have reached a state of dire emergency!!!!
Still, We think we can go on like this, not reaping the consequences for our actions. People gathering here, know, time is running short, It is past 12 o’clock already. We have to act now and apply that manual of instructions received along with creation. The timeless knowledge - supreme sciences referred to all over the world today as Homa Therapy from the Vedas. Agnihotra is the basic Homa in this process.
It was Given by Kalki Avatar Param Sadguru SHREE Gajanan Maharaj to restore the harmony of nature, to reset the energy cycle of the planet, to purify all the elements of the earth. And it is given by grace.
Research work may be important on one hand, but simultaneously we have to implement this super technology into the life of all the people of the world to counterattack pollution and heal our planet.
Vedic knowledge is timeless. As truth never dies, Vedic science never dies. Homa Fire, Agnihotra, Soma Yag and others are the final tools to secure our survival on this Planet. It is in our hands. We are holding the key in hand. It is we as entire human family traveling on a space ship called earth. We carry the fate of the world. We all know the saying: We swim together or we sink together. For me it seems like, we have the drill in operation drilling holes into our own boat. We try to fix those holes, but do not stop drilling also. It is as if we all have become like fools. Sitting on a branch of a tree and cutting it next to the trunk.
There is no more time to waste. We all should have realized it by now. Whatever technology or tool available to bring positive changes, and align with nature should be welcome and applied immediately. Testimonials of how Homa Therapy work are plenty available today. Scientific explanation is left for the scientific community, but common people all over the world have to get to know about Homa now. We have to provide all the help we can. We need a mass attempt for planetary purification based on Homa Fires.
One couple in Austria Europe Lu and Melitta Weber from Jennersdorf made following observation:
It was in the 1980’s a couple in Austria decided to rent a farm for a Homa organic farming project. This farm had no access to an external water supply, an open well only. Before the contract was signed the owner honestly informed the couple that the water is not safe to drink because of its contamination with agro chemical. Well, in spite of this the couple decided to live and work on the farm. SHREE Vasant Ji Paranjpe, blessed by Param Sadguru to share Homa Therapy around the world and start Fivefold Path Mission India, suggested to them to get the water tested at the Laboratory before occupying the farm. Then they were asked to do Agnihotra everyday next to the well and add the Agnihotra Ashes into it. After a period of 3 month or 4 month, again the water was brought to the Lab and tested. The first result showed the water in not fit to drink. Much of agrochemical has been found.
The second result showed that the water had become 100 % drinking water quality.
At last let me share this short presentation with you. PPT on Agnihotra Ash Water Crystals.
Thank you.