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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

Scientific View

TAPOVAN, 25 TO 26 FEBRUARY, 2009 Dr. Irma Garcia
Vedas give many definitions of sunrise. Only one particular definition, however, is to be used to nourish the vegetable kingdom in an area, to eliminate sicknesses in that area, to calm the mind and fill it with Love. Methods of experimental science have blasted the imaginary walls separating the so-called spiritual from the material. From a normal state of matter, Agnihotra brings it to an ideal state, which is Love. When scientists develop the necessary instrumentation to measure the energy of Love, they will observe how Agnihotra purifies the human mind, filling it with Love. A pure mind filled with Love easily finds solutions to the global problems which are threatening the continuity of world civilization today. “React always with Love” is the highest science and the aim of all spiritual paths.
Bananas are a good example of what can be achieved by the energy of Love which comes with Homa: agricultural scientists say that before the year 2014, there will be no bananas left in the world because “Sigatoka” fungus cannot even be controlled, much less eradicated. Bananas are a ten thousand-year-old sterile mutant which lacks the genetic diversity to withstand plagues and diseases such as Black Sigatoka, Panama disease, nematodes, etc. The seedless modern fruit does not reproduce sexually and has to be breed from cuttings.
In four months after Homa Organic Farming was applied, all diseases and plagues, including “Sigatoka”, were totally eradicated, banana plants got strong and healthy, they produced greater quantity and much better quality of bananas, but also a new source of income for the farmers was created: each banana plant produced an average of twenty (20) shoots (cuttings) for propagation, when the normal was maximum five (5). Most important: due to Agnihotra atmosphere, a change of mentality occurred among the banana farmers: they started to pay back their loans to government and banks and violence was reduced in the area. If Homa could produce such an effect in bananas in only four months, then it will work for any crop.
Bananas may be an extreme example of what is happening to all crops. It is also a very good example to show that no matter how hopeless the situation is, if applied correctly, then, HOMA will always succeed in solving the problems.
“Applied correctly” means:
1. Daily performance of Agnihotra at the exact time of sunrise and sunset for the longitude and latitude of that particular place; four hours of Om Tryambakam Homa every day; maximum hours on full and no moon; (Ideally, the goal is twenty four hours every day. You may visit Tapovan, between Parola and Amalner in Maharashtra, India, where they have been doing Om Tryambakam Homa round the clock, nonstop since about eight years and see the “miracles” which have occurred in quantity and quality of agricultural production, quantity and quality of water resources, peace and tranquility of mind and ecological balance of the area…When Scientists discover the laws concerning subtle healing energies, they will stop calling these phenomena “Miracles”.
2. Absolutely no violence in the area covered by the Homa Resonance Point: no agro-chemicals, no meat, no poultry, no fish, no eggs, no alcohol, no drugs. What is a Homa Resonance Point? Please see www.homa1.com
Thus: If the aim is to feed a growing number of people in an economic and sustainable way, then there is no choice left but to apply HOMA ORGANIC FARMING to produce plenty of food, achieve total health of soil, water, atmosphere, all living creatures including human beings, reduce violence and re-establish the ecological balance of an area up to two hundred acres around the place where Homa is daily being practiced.
It takes the same human effort and practically the same investment to achieve these four goals: food, health, peace and ecological balance in one acre than in up to two hundred acres with the establishment of a Homa Resonance Point.
Do not believe anything we say: experiment, observe and believe what you confirm with your own experience. That is the Scientific method.
This time is really the LAST CHANCE for the scientists. Practical solutions are needed now to prevent farmers from committing suicide and to prevent people from starving. People in cities need farmers to produce food for their survival. Thus, ours is a practical hypothesis:
If any group of farmers wishes to become organic and take a trial on “Sigatoka” or any other sickness or plague affected area, then Fivefold Path Mission will offer its services free of charge to set up a Resonance Point of Homa Therapy and train the workers living on the farm to operate Homa Organic Farming. Scientists, if they wish, and the National Horticultural Mission of the Government of India, can make observations: If applied correctly, then, sicknesses and plagues will be eradicated, quality of production will improve, quantity will increase, cost of production will be reduced and violence will be reduced and ecological balance will be achieved in an area of up to two hundred acres.
First condition is farmers have to stop all the chemicals. Let us remember that only science can save us and not superstition.
It is not science, but superstition to think that all the chemical POISONS being use in agriculture are not going to have an adverse effect on the soil, the water, the atmosphere and the health of all living beings, including human beings who consume those foods.
Yet, blind disbelief is worst than superstition…
For the sake of future generations, we need scientists to seriously consider results already achieved on many crops in different parts of the world with HOMA ORGANIC FARMING, make observations in newly established HOMA FARMS and upgrade their methodology in order to accurately perceive reality and efficiently contribute to solving global problems related to food, health peace and the environment. I humbly suggest to Scientists to study the relationships between atmosphere, water and the sun.
Ignorance and vested interests have Mother Earth confined to the Unit of Intensive Care of the hospital. Most scientists continue to iron their shirt while their house in on fire. Time is over. It is only GRACE that keeps the world going.
“HOMA is a Sanskrit word used here as synonymously with YAJNYA. YAJNYA is the technical term from the Vedic science of bio-energy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This means healing and purifying of the atmosphere with fire as the medium. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. This is the central idea in HOMA THERAPY. The words ‘Heal the atmosphere’ have widespread ramifications not yet investigated by modern science” 1/.
1/. Paranjpe, Vasant V., HOMA THERAPY: OUR LAST CHANCE. Fivefold path Inc., Madison, Virginia, USA 1989, p 10.
“The Vedic Science of Yajnya states that mind is affected by rhythms of nature corresponding to undulations of our planet. Yajnya is a process based on biorhythms of which human being is a prisoner. Various rhythms of nature corresponding to the rotation of the earth and other cosmic objects affect the human body and mind” 2/.
2/. Paranjpe, Vasant V. Paranjpe, LIGHT TOWARDS DIVINE PATH: A SIMPLE GUIDE TO HAPPINESS, Fivefold path Publications, Dhule, India, First Published in 1976 by Fivefold Path Inc., USA., p 7.
A HOMA FARM is a place where food is produced with Homa fires and people learn to plant with Love, harvest with Love, cook with Love, serve with Love and react always with Love.
Vedas give many definitions of sunrise. Only one particular definition, however, is to be used to nourish the vegetable kingdom in an area, to eliminate sicknesses in that area, to calm the mind and fill it with Love.
In ancient tradition sunrise is described as follows:
“At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend all the way to the earth and produce a flood effect at those coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake. This torrent of life sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice. At sunrise that music can be heard. The morning Agnihotra Mantra is the essence of that music. It is the quintessential sound of that flood. At sunset the flood recedes. “3/.
3/. Paranjpe, Vasant V., HOMA THERAPY: OUR LAST CHANCE. Op.cit., pp 13-14.
Agnihotra is a jump to the fifth dimension, which is Love:
During the era of the caves, there was only one dimension: verticality. During the middle ages, there are two dimensions: Horizontality and Verticality. Then comes Grotius in Italy and begins to paint with depth, that is, the third dimension and with it comes the Renaissance. Quantum Physics reaches the fourth dimension when Scientists discover that everything is connected with everything else in some type of cobweb which covers absolutely everything which exists. Beyond atoms, electrons, neutrons and protons, everything is made up of yet smaller and smaller particles: ions, sub-atomic particles, quantos and they are all connected to each other. This connectedness is the fourth dimension. If we put your hand and my hand under the microscope, the particles of my hand are interconnected with those of your hand and with everything else which exists…Ultimately, everything is vibration, waves, energy. Furthermore, particles and waves do not have the same properties. They are opposites. Particles are solid matter. Waves are energy. Yet they are both things at the same time: Matter is condensed energy and energy is expanded matter. Let’s call “quantum” the smaller unit discovered so far, even though we feel “As it is above, it is below”, thus the search may be to the infinite…. The amazing thing is that what determines if the quantum presents the properties of a particle or a wave is the type of measuring equipment installed by the scientist. If they install equipment to measure waves, they discover that the quantum is a wave. If they install equipment to measure particles, they discover that the quantum is a particle. Thus by choosing certain measuring equipment, scientists are determining reality…
Sub atomic particles are not made up of matter, they are energy. They are so small that we only know about their existence because of the trail they leave in the accelerators of particles. It seems then that only when we take the decision to see a particle, the wave of energy becomes a concrete entity…
Nuclear physicists studying the effects of Agnihotra have declared that Agnihotra effects occur on the subatomic level.
Everything has a vibrational frequency. We take these vibrations and we give them form and substance through our thoughts and our senses. Without the mind and the senses the only thing which exists is energy and space. Mind is the clue to reality. The reality of life begins from within, in the mind and then takes its form in the material world.
Thus, Quantum physics has discovered the fourth dimension: The relatedness of everything which exists as participative universes. Agnihotra brings this total relatedness of everything to the fifth dimension, which is Love.
From a normal state of matter, Agnihotra brings it to the ideal state of matter, which is Love.
Scientists must devise instrumentation to measure subtle healing energies, the healing energy of Love, of forgiveness, if they sincerely are searching for the truth in order to solve global problems of hunger, disease, violence and pollution. Solution to these global problems cannot be found with a mechanical method to perceive reality. Within the reality of the first three dimension: verticality, horizontality and depth, Renato Descartes writes “The discourse of Method” and Newton uses it to develop the rational, analytic scientific method used today by most Sciences. That method still today is the best available way to perceive any mechanical reality, that is, to fix a broken watch, the motor of your car, or to send men to the moon. With that method you can accurately predict that Jupiter will be in a certain place on Wednesday at three o’clock in the afternoon. All these are mechanical phenomena pertaining to objects which are moving at velocities inferior to that of light.
The human being, however, is not mechanic but organic. A person is mind, body, spirit and something else. Thus, it is not a mechanical reality like your watch or the motor of your car. When Allopathic Medicine applies a mechanical method to cure a human being, most of the time it does not cure. Healing, however, pertains to a reality which is not mechanical but organic. That is our human bodies, the animal or plant kingdom, the atmosphere, mother Earth, are not mechanical realities but organic ones. If I have a stomach ache, the whole of me feels bad. There is no point in healing my stomach in a way that I will end up having to do dialysis every day until I get a kidney transplant. Thus the method to perceive an organic reality has to be also organic, holistic, and systemic such as the method of Quantum Physics, of Ayurveda, of Vedic Sciences.
Nuclear Physicists who have done research on Agnihotra have discovered that changes occur at the sub-atomic level.
Now to understand subtle healing energies, Scientists have to devise a method which works at the subatomic level.
Quantum Physics works with four dimensions considering the sub-atomic particles which move at velocities superior to that of light. It is now up to humble scientists to upgrade theory to its next level--developing a paradigm based on a new theoretical framework: the law of “cause and effect” at the gross level is equivalent to the fundamental law of creation, the law of KARMA, “You reap what you sow,” at a more subtle level. Niels Bohr’s “principle of indeterminacy” at the gross level is equivalent to the “Law of GRACE” at a more subtle level...
Science is the search for truth. Technology is how to apply that knowledge. For the sake of survival, time has come to substitute the prevailing technology which has been violent against nature, our psyche and society, for an “Ahimsa” technology coming from Vedas, the oldest science known to human beings: HOMA ORGANIC FARMING, which will bring peace, bliss and prosperity on Earth. It is now or never…
“Ahimsa” is much more than “non-violence”. It is respect for and celebration of all life. Respect is based on Love. Love, like anything else which exists, is energy, vibrations, sound waves, it can be measured...
“Methods of experimental science have blasted the imaginary walls separating the so-called spiritual from the material” 4/.
If from a normal state of matter, Agnihotra brings it to an ideal state, which is Love, then, when scientists develop the necessary instrumentation to measure the energy of Love, they will observe how Agnihotra purifies the human mind, filling it with Love. A pure mind easily finds solutions to the global problems which are threatening the continuity of world civilization today. “React always with Love” is the highest science and the aim of all spiritual paths.
When we do sunrise Agnihotra, particles of Love and nutrition come from twelve kilometers above in space into the pyramid. Immediately, the pyramid throws them out. While the flame is on, an aura-energy field surrounds each blade of grass, each bush, and each tree in the vicinity. The particles of Love and nutrition which came from above get caught up in these thousands of aura-energy fields. The plants inhale these particles; they get healed, strong and give a bio-feedback of Love and nutrition to the atmosphere. Thus, by performing Agnihotra, you heal the atmosphere and it rejuvenates the soil and heals every living thing in the area. Science has been able to photograph the bioplasma body, to recognize the interplay of subtler energies, to give an astronomical picture of the Universe similar to that of Vedic Science. Now, if they are able to measure the vibrational energy of Love, then it will become clear that Agnihotra is a solution to world problems of hunger, diseases, violence and pollution...
“The layer of useful atmosphere surrounding our planet Earth is very thin. Any change induced in this layer of atmosphere automatically leads to a corresponding change in PRANA, the life energy that pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos. PRANA and MIND may be taken to be like two sides of the same coin and hence, a change in the atmosphere is automatically transposed to the realm of the mind “5/
Homa Organic Farming has an impact in the atmosphere which helps to eliminate stress. In Sanskrit, the word “happiness” is “su kha” which literally means “good atmosphere”. On the contrary, the word “unhappiness” is “du kha” which literally means “bad atmosphere”.
Dr. Masaru Emoto has been measuring the vibrational energy of love. He began to use a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA), a vibration measuring machine, to transfer vibration information onto micro-clustered water. He developed special water which he called HADO water and treated more than 15.000 patients. Many of them got cured and they are reported in his books.
Dr. Emoto states that water, circulating the earth and nurturing the soil, is a source of all life forms in this planet. Traditional Science with its conventional methods was not enough to enter the “unseen” world of water…It was not easy for people, especially Medical Doctors to accept that water alone could cure. Yet, Water’s ability to retain information had been researched by some radical Scientists. How to prove it scientifically? Dr. Emoto got the hint from the idea that “no two snowflakes are identical”.
Snowflakes are frozen water.
Dr. Emoto and his assistants, set out to collect specimens of different types of water, freeze them at a temperature of minus twenty five degrees centigrade (-25°C) and then observe them under the microscope with a room temperature of minus five degrees centigrade (-5°C) and photographed them when they expanded, before they returned to their liquid state..
It was observed that certain types of water produced beautiful crystals, others did not.
Tap water from Tokio and Nagoya in Japan and other big cities such as London and Paris produced ugly formations.
Spring water from Shiraito-No-Taki Falls in Mount Fuji, Japan, produced beautiful hexagonal crystals. So did water from the Antarctic, from Shimando River in Kick, Japan, from Lourdes in France, etc.
He concluded that everything in existence vibrates. Physics cannot deny this. Vibration is another word for energy. Vibration travels through water. The hexagonal crystal represents the life force of Mother Nature. Absence of the Hexagonal crystals shows that the life force in that area has been compromised energetically.
Of the 15.000 people treated by Dr. Emoto, many could not come to him, because they were too ill or there were children in Hospitals. He started to ask for pictures of the people requesting treatment and in emergency cases when not even a picture was available; he exposed the name of the person to the water. Either with the picture or with just the name of the person, Dr. Emoto succeeded in alleviating their symptoms.
Thus, he concluded that words retain vibrational information so he started to expose water to words.
Any loving word such as “Thank you”, “Peace”, “Let’s”, produced a beautiful hexagonal crystal. Any word devoid of Love such as “You fool”, “War”, “Must”, produced ugly formations not at all pleasant to look at. Thus, water is letting us see the hidden power behind words...
In a way, these experiments are measuring the power of vibrations of Love. Agnihotra is the greatest material aid to fill our minds with Love, effortlessly; Love comes in and fills the mind.
I conclude that Mother Nature is at the root of everything and if there is balance, there is Love. Ultimately, everything can be reduced to vibrations of Love or fear. Our economy, our polity, our methods to perceive reality is based on fear. Now, it is total Love or total destruction. Only Love can counteract the forces of evil. If you think this is not scientific, think again...
Dr. Manuel Alejandro More More, professor of nuclear physics at the National University of Piura, Peru, South America says that elements that form plants, animals and humans are in nature, specifically in planet Earth. However there are other elements, vital for life, which are not in this planet. For example, without the SOLAR ENERGY it is not possible to live, since thanks to the solar radiation, plants elaborate their food in the photosynthesis, so they can live and give life to others. The energy that comes from the sun may be transformed into matter and matter into energy.
We could say that life in this planet is nothing but the synchronization and interaction of elements that are activated from minuscule particles that go beyond the atom and the electrons that integrated them. They join together to form components of organic and inorganic nature, taken from solar energy sources, and then forming cells, tissue, organs, bodies or any living system.
So, the energy that comes from the sun arrives in our planet to become matter. Each piece of living matter on the planet is nothing but a solar molecule that arrived in the planet at some point. In other words, we depend of the elements that burn in the sun at thousands of degrees. So, life is a ray of sun that came from far away. That ray sustains our life.
The Agnihotra copper pyramid and it position according to the coordinates of the place where the pyramid is, functions as a solar energy capturing device at the moment when the sun is said to rise in the East. The solar rays reach the pyramid in an angle that makes them rebound into the ground.
There is a reactivation of the electric and magnetic field that will go from earth to higher layers in the atmosphere. When this solar radiation reaches the side of the pyramid that is looking at the east, it collides with an angle of incidence that allows it to bounce the solar radiation towards the earth, and at the same time it fortifies itself because of the copper. Since copper is a highly conductive metal of electricity, from the first bounce due to the angle of incidence, the electrons are rapidly reactivated again by the electromagnetic waves that come from the sun. Thus there is an accumulation of electrons established as an electromagnetic wave with a high potency and effect when it re-bounces, and in consequence zigzag waves are produced. Therefore, a natural magnet is form.
These actions and reactions make the Earth to be transformed into a great negative polo of that magnet. In fact Earth tends to accumulate negatives charges; on the other hand, the air is also not a perfect insulator. It is forcing it to play as positive polo of this great magnet. So then in this way it can be possible to obtain a giant motor, capable of doing many works, among them, the most important one, to generate oxygen.
When this action happen in this place, a great magnet that connect the Earth with the atmosphere is produced and there is a big flow of energies that come from above to the ground and vice versa, so there is a process of ionization in the atmosphere, in fact there is production of light waves, among them, the electromagnetic and great subatomic explosions of matter. Here, quite a few of the components disintegrate in its basic elements, like the transformation of the ozone in molecules of oxygen, and also the decomposition of the anhydride carbonic, in its primogenital elements of carbon and molecular oxygen. The same occurs with the inorganic nitrogen of the atmosphere. It is transformed into organic nitrogen for the fertilization of the soil with a tendency to have increased dissolubility for benefit of the plants and a more rapid fixation of the nitrogen in the soil by the plants that have the property of fixing it into the soil. The presence of this natural giant magnet produces also waves of electromagnetic nature, which make this phenomenon not only to stay in the place where it has been experimented but it also expands to a bigger range of action. This is the reason why it has been said that the effect covers dozen of kilometers. It is necessary to bear in mind that in the highest part of the atmosphere the ozone is produced and it is due to the great reactions of these elements, because the presence of big atomic explosions, necessary to produce the ozone layer and also to defend ourselves from the ultraviolet rays . However, in Homa Organic Farming, this is done in a micro level. At dawn, dew is produced without the need of a torrential rain, and in this way the field is irrigated as if there is aspersion irrigation. The elements of the atmosphere produce the same reactions in a micro level in Homa Organic Farming, when the solar rays of dawn collide with the pyramid.
With the formation of the magnet, the process gets fortified due to the metallic nature of copper, that originates the reactivation of its electrons then it starts the formation of the natural magnet that exist between the Earth and the atmosphere. This occurs very fast, like light speed. At sunset the flood of life sustaining energies emanating from the sun, recedes.
When uttering the mantras, while burning cow dung, rice and ghee, at the prescribed exact time, the atmosphere and the ninety-two elements contained in the materials that go into combustion in this process, as well as the surroundings, get purified.
In the case of the human beings these elements reach the blood stream through the breathing process, fortifying the blood and the immune system. Animals and plants also benefit through an equivalent process.
Like this process, the elements in the ash may recover the elements lacked in our body and with their presence biochemical reactions are produced in our organism. The presence of new elements helps to recover the balance in our organism and eliminate diseases.
When the chemical reactions of the atmosphere occur, there is greater production of oxygen. The atmosphere has a composition of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of rare gases.
In some places there can be a fluctuation between 13 and 16 kilometers of atmosphere. This depends on the place because the atmosphere layers are variable. In the poles there is higher altitude in relation with the layer in the equator.
With Homa Therapy the idea is to produce higher percent of oxygen, which is the base of life. A mayor production of oxygen will improve and fortify the blood and its circulation; will improve the immune system of animals and humans with a bigger production of antibodies in the blood. This fact, eradicates diseases. In other words, we could say that many bacteria no longer have a habitat to live. The same happens with plants, due to the purification of water, they are capable of extracting a better raw sap, which will produced a better processed sap, thus a superior photosynthesis and as a result, better quality food.
Homa Organic Farming purifies the elements from the soil and atmosphere so animals and plants improve their vital functions, for the life in the planet. Diseases disappear; bacteria and other microorganisms are not allowed to invade the bodies of living creatures, shortening their vital cycle.
The object of Homa Therapy is to recover the primogenital elements, as in the beginning of creation. The aim is to recover the reversible cycles of the elements, damaged as a consequence of environmental pollution created by humans.
Our Agnihotra brochure states:
“The sun brings or takes the energy which makes all conditions conducive to an anti-pollutionary change. It calms the world”.
You do Agnihotra at sunrise. You go about doing your daily works but the pyramid keeps connected with the sun. You do Agnihotra at sunset. You go to sleep but the pyramid remains connected with the sun. After three full moons and three no moons that you do that without interruption, an aura energy field is created around you, which protects you and harmonizes you with the biorhythms of nature. People who know you well say: “Hey! What happened? Did you fall in love? You look shining and younger!” Thousands of people in all continents have had this experience. If phenomenology does not suffice, then consider the following about the sunlight energy and plants:
The plants use sunlight in the morning for their growth, and that which is available after say 3 p.m. in this region (India) is used for producing flowers and fruits. This has been proven experimentally.
Some Scientists are working of other ways to measure subtle energies which could help to measure the effects of Agnihotra and of the Love it brings.
One such effort is being done by Dr. Abhay Shendye, a biotechnologist [PhD Molecular biology] working in the field of organic farming. He developed a technology for improving soil fertility [and reducing chemicals] which received 'Best Sustainable Technology' award from World Resource Institute [Washington] and USAID founded organization 'New Ventures India'. Next step is to totally substitute the chemicals with Agnihotra ash. He is at present working with Poli-Contrast Interference photography. Depending on the health state of the person, the body emits photons...
A group of Scientists during the Soviet Era made some experiments on Agnihotra and asked Shree Vasant, “What is that golden thing which always appears in the ash?” With the humility which characterized Shree Vasant, HE answered: “That has a name in Sanskrit: ‘That which should not be there’. ‘Person’,’ sound’, every person has its own sound, vibration. The cow dung has the power to catch sound. Thus, Agnihotra ash has a sound caught up with it. When you ingest that ash, its sound resonates with your own sound and it is that resonance which heals…”
A human body, a human voice , a human right hand is required, to harness the energies which give life coming from the sun and throwing them back to nature for the benefit of all creation. Yajnya is the science of prosperity in harmony with nature… Is it the only chance left for sustainable development?
Thus, little me, with all my limitations and shortcomings, I have the tremendous power every sunrise and every sunset, with the Agnihotra pyramid, to catch the energies which give life, coming from the sun and through them back to nature to heal myself and all life in my surroundings!
It is not enough to bring HOMA ORGANIC FARMING into the mainstream of the scientific knowledge which prevails in the world today. That “mainstream of the scientific knowledge” has not been efficiently applied to find solutions for hunger, disease, violence and ecological disruption. Thus, bold steps have to be taken to reverse the destructive trend on which humanity has embarked. This is truly the last chance for agricultural scientists. If they are not able to increase food production at a lower cost and thus prevent more farmers from committing suicide, then, what is the use of further scientific research?
Homa solves the global problems of hunger, disease, violence and pollution for the total population. HOMA ORGANIC FARMING is the most efficient and economical way to eradicate poverty from rural areas because it makes farmers self-sufficient in food and health. If farmers are not producing food, people in cities will also starve. Total health (soil, water, environment, plants, animals, human beings, every living being), reduction of violence and ecological balance are the byproducts of correct application of HOMA ORGANIC FARMING in an area.
If you are thinking: “How Agnihotra can replace the chemicals?” please consider the following:
Everywhere where HOMA ORGANIC FARMING was applied correctly, results show that it makes farmers self-sufficient in food and health, thus it is an efficient and economic way to eradicate poverty from rural areas and to improve the quality of life or rural populations. Results also show that violence is reduced and the ecological balance of the area is re-established. Homa Organic Farming eradicated all diseases and plagues from banana plantations and caused natural genetic mutations making farmers earn more money by selling banana shoots for propagation than from banana bunches. But more than that, Homa Organic Farming caused a change in mentality among banana farmers: this is why they decided to pay back loans to government and banks, they stopped getting drunk and beating up their wives, they decided to put down their guns and have a peaceful life. We have observed the same results with other crops. It has been registered in Videos by HBO ole and others. Homa Organic Farming is a true solution to the “Naxalite” problem in India… (Please see www.homa1.com).
Bananas are the world’s most popular fruit. They are the fourth (4th) most important food crop of any sort. Bananas and plantain (plantain is a big banana which is consumed as a vegetable), are a luxury item in Europe but they are an ever-present source of food in large areas of the “Third World”: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. About a billion people in these areas depend on bananas and plantain. When one season ends and the other one begin, bananas and plantains are, in many places, the only source of food…
There are countries whose economy depends on banana and plantain exports, thus the name, “Banana Republic”.
The reason being: its genetic base, the wild banana and traditional varieties, has collapsed.
Banana is among the world’s oldest crops. It is around ten thousand years old. Agricultural scientists say that the banana is genetically old and decrepit because it has been at an evolutionary standstill ever since it was first propagated in the jungles of Southeast Asia at the end of the last Ice Age. It lacks the genetic diversity to fight off pests and diseases that are invading the banana plantations of Central and South America, and the small holdings of Africa and Asia alike. Furthermore, the seedless modern fruit does not reproduce sexually and has to be breed from cuttings.
This is why some scientists believe the world’s most popular fruit could be doomed.
Today, most international banana trade is based on CAVENDISH variety, the genetic roots of which lie in India.
Until the 1950s, one variety, the GROS MICHEL, dominated the world’s commercial banana business. Found by French botanists in Asia in the 1820s, the Gross Michel was richer and sweeter than Cavendish and without the latter’s bitter after taste when green. But it was vulnerable to a soil fungus that produced a wilt known as “PANAMA disease” (Scientific name of Panama disease is Fusarium oxysporum).
“Once the fungus gets into the soil, it remains there for many years. There is nothing the farmers can do. Even chemicals spraying won’t get rid of it,” says Rodomiro Ortiz, Director of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture in IBADAN, Nigeria.
So, plantation owners abandoned infested fields and moved to “clean” land, until they ran out of “clean” land in the 1950s and had to abandon Gros Michel.
Its successor, the Cavendish, a 19th century British discovery from Southern China, is resistant to Panama disease and as a result, it literally saved the International banana industry.
During the 1960’s, it replaced the Gros Michel on supermarket shelves.
Emile Frison is a Belgian Plant Pathologist, head of the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF BANANAS AND PLANTAIN (INIBAP) in Montpellier, France. In 2003, he revealed in a scientific magazine published in Brussels, capital of European Union, “NEW SCIENTIST”, that in ten years from then, there may be no more bananas in the world. London BBC asked him why. He stated:
“Because one thing we can be sure of is that sigatoka will not lose in this battle”.
Chemicals which kill human beings do not kill Black sigatoka. (Scientific name of Black sigatoka: Mycosphaerella fijiensis).

Black sigatoka is a fungal disease which appeared in Fiji in 1963 and has become a global epidemic ever since. It has devastated thousands of banana and plantain plantations in Central, South America, the Caribbean and some parts of Asia and Africa.
It causes brown wounds on leaves and premature fruit ripening. It cuts fruit yield by 50 to 70% and reduces the productive life time of banana plants from 30 years to as little as two to three years.
Commercial growers embark on a massive chemical assault to Black sigatoka. Forty spraying of fungicide a year is typical, making the Cavendish, the most heavily sprayed major food crop in the world. Fungicides now make up to one fourth of production costs and the social costs may even be higher: Women working in Central America, in Costa Rican packing plants, for example, suffer double the average rate of leukemia and birth defects of their children.
A study by the United Nations PAN-AFRICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION found that one fifth of the countries’ male banana workers are sterile, allegedly as a result of exposure to DIBROMOCHLO ROPROPANE –now banned—and other fungicides.
But fungicides have not been able to control Black sigatoka in the long run…
“As soon as you bring in a new fungicide, they develop resistance”, says Frison.
Out of Central American countries COSTA RICA was famous for its bananas. They have now removed all banana plantations and started planting African Palm on those fields.
UN FAO warned that wild banana species are rapidly going extinct as forests are destroyed while many “traditional farmers’ varieties” are also disappearing. Frison declared:
“The state of the banana can teach a broader lesson: the increasing standardization of food crops around the world is threatening their ability y to adapt and survive”.
Luador Gasparotto, Brasil’s leading banana pathologist with the Governments Research’Agency: EMBRAPA, stated that:
“Most of the banana fields in Amazon have already been destroyed by Black sigatoka. Production is likely to fall by seventy per cent (70%) as the disease spreads”.
And now come what could be the “COUP DE GRACE”: Panama disease is making a comeback. Unlike the old Panama disease, this new form –known as “race four”—attacks the Cavendish with particular virulence. So far, it has reached South Africa, Australia, much of Asia, some areas in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
Black sigatoka attacks the leaves. “Race four” is a soil borne fungus, so chemical fungicides cannot control it, says Frison. It is only a matter of time before “race four” variety of Panama disease makes it to the commercial plantations of the Western hemisphere. FAO has given the warning. When it arrives, it will do to Cavendish what its predecessor did to Gros Michel.
Researchers say that main hope for survival of Cavendish lies in developing new hybrids resistant to the fungus. This is a difficult and time consuming task. Frison says the only option is to find a new variety, but how? Almost all edible varieties are susceptible to black sigatoka, and/or Panama disease; so growers cannot simply change to a different banana.
Wild banana is a giant jungle herb (Scientific name: Musa acuminata). Normally, it contains a mass of hard seeds that make the fruit virtually inedible. Hunters-gatherers must have discovered rare mutant plants that produced seedless edible fruits. Geneticists now know that the vast majority of these soft fruited plants resulted from genetic accidents that gave their cells three copies of each chromosome instead of the usual two. This imbalance prevents seeds and pollen from developing normally rendering the mutant plant sterile. The dark lines within the flesh of an edible banana are all what remains of theses vestigial seeds.
The first Stone Age plant breeders cultivated these sterile plants by replanting cuttings from their stems.
Breeders at the Honduran Foundation of Agricultural research have tried to exploit the fact that very rarely a sterile banana will experience a genetic accident that allows an almost normal seed to develop, giving breeders a tiny window for improvement. They claimed that they created “disease-resistant varieties”: Every day, for one year, workers laboriously hand pollinated ten hectares of commercial bananas, 30.000 plants, with pollen from wild fertile Asian bananas. The resulting fruit, some 400 tones, had to be peeled and sieved in search of any seeds. They collected about 15 seeds. Only four or five germinated.
Further backcrossing with wild bananas yielded a new seedless banana. They claimed that it was “resistant to Black sigatoka and Panama disease”. From these came the “Cuban clones”:
The new hybrid tastes more like an apple than a banana. In Cuba, Black sigatoka wiped out banana plantations just as the country lost its economic umbilical cord with Russia. Having no money for fungicides, it switched virtually all its national production to the new Honduran varieties. Its domestic consumers eat them or nothing….
Commercial banana companies washed their hands of the whole breeding effort, preferring to fund a research for new fungicides instead.
Peru Government paid a fortune for 2000 Cuban clones. Only those in Homa atmosphere survived. This is a well known fact in Ucayaly Department, Peru. We have documentation stating that Cuban Clones in Homa Atmosphere were resistant to Black sigatoka. We also have a letter signed by seventeen farmers, with their identity card number and their signature, stating that all Cuban clones died, except those in Homa atmosphere. They also state that some mother banana plants produced twenty seven shoots. Mother Nature becomes so grateful when the science of Yajnya is performed correctly... (See Annexure to this paper).
Departments of Agriculture of Governments in South America publish booklets entitled “How to coexist with Black Sigatoka”. They are convinced that it cannot even be controlled, much less eradicated.
All attempts to control Black sigatoka have failed, except HOMA ORGANIC FARMING which not only controls it but also eradicates it. (See Annexure to this paper).
Agricultural Scientists agree that it took around ten thousand years for the banana to reach its decrepit, sterile, sick present state. With HOMA ORGANIC FARMING, it took around four months to heal, fortify and rejuvenate the banana plants. Can Scientists and humanity afford to ignore this fact now? (See Annexure to this paper and www.homa1.com).

Shree Vasant Paranjpe of India with his two assistants, the under signed, Dr. Irma Garcia of Venezuela and Gloria Guzman, a biochemist from Peru, demonstrated in the Amazon area of the Republic of Peru that through HOMA ORGANIC FARMING, Black sigatoka, Yellow sigatoka, (Scientific name of Yellow sigatoka is Mycosphaerella musicola), Panama disease and nematods can be totally eradicated. Not only this, but with HOMA AYURVEDIC TECHNOLOGY there was rejuvenation of soil, plants and miraculous improvement in the new banana shoots, both in quality and quantity, in very short time. All this is officially documented by the Agricultural engineers connected with the office of the President of Peru after observing 1200 hectares (three thousand acres) for seven months. Original Spanish documents with signature and seal and English translation, can be seen in our web page: www.homa1.com
Today in South America you usually have the mother banana plant, the daughter and the granddaughter, maximum, maybe two more. All other shoots are not fit for propagation.
After four months of applying Homa organic farming, banana and plantain mother plants began to produce around twenty healthy, strong shoots. Some plants produced up to twenty seven shoots. Farmers kept four for propagation and sold the rest, thus earning more money from the shoots that from the banana bunches. Then, they started to pay back their loans to Government and Banks. We have letters from Government Officials of Republic of Peru, thanking us for this fact (See www.homa1.com).
The Department of Agriculture in Ucayali region broke its own legal control (quarantine) by which no part of banana plants could cross regional borders. They transported thousands of healthy banana and plantain Homa shoots from Ucayali to Huánuco region to make new healthy and strong plantations with Homa banana shoots.
Some Concrete Results:
1. Ministry of the Presidency –Special Project Alto Huallaga, Headquarters of the Zone Leoncio Prado – Padre Abad, Certified that:
In the Alto Huallaga area, there are approx. 500 hectares of plantains and bananas established with Homa Therapy. These plantations were suffering from a high incidence of plagues and diseases. After being rejuvenated with Homa Therapy, they produce healthy shoots of the kind that bare fruits. Twelve germoplasm banks with species of plantain and bananas from the region have been established with these Homa Therapy shoots.

The following has been observed in the Plantain and Banana plantations:

• An accelerated rejuvenation of the plants. One can easily observe a great quantity of new and healthy leaves of intense green and shiny colors.
• Plagues and diseases were eradicated due to the effect of the technique of organic agriculture, called Homa Therapy.
• After 2 months of applying Homa Therapy, the production of plantains and bananas doubled. Banana bunches were bigger, the fruits were thicker and had more weight. At the moment of harvest, 3 to 5 ripened fruits were found in each bunch, which means that the production cycle is shortened due to the effect Homa Therapy.
• Concerning the average number of shoots, we have been able to observe that each mother plant is producing between 9 and 10 shoots, which will bear fruits. This happened only after 22 days of application of Homa Therapy. After 4 months of applying this organic agricultural technique each mother plant reaches an average of 20 shoots.

Engineer Paco Rivera Gonzalez of Ucayali regional Government observed “Ingiri” variety of banana plantation with 100% Black sigatoka in 11 hectares of bananas and plantain: He stated in his report that with the application of Homa Therapy and Agnihotra Ash solution:
· Black sigatoka was totally eradicated from the plantation after four months of daily Homa practices
· Bunches of bananas are free of any plagues and diseases.
· Average of 87 fruits per bunch
· They show harmonic distribution and are uniform in size
· They are bigger and heavier than standard bananas of the same variety
· They show unusual shine, which indicates good health
· Average of 20 healthy, vigorous true shoots
· Bright green shining leaves, without diseases or plagues

Observations made by Engineer Rosa Cortez Morales. Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Peru:
This was a fifth generation of “Seda” banana plantation. It is totally healthy after four months of daily application of Homa organic farming. It is giving over 200 fruits per bunch.
A fifth generation Plantation.
Observations made by Engineer Rosa Cortez Morales. Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Peru:
Without HOMA Therapy
After 4 months of HOMA Therapy
Producing small bunches
Uniform rejuvenation in the whole Banana & Plantain Plantation
Minimum production
Bunches are much bigger and heavier with an average of 120 bananas per bunch
70% fungi FUSARIUM
No plagues no diseases
No plagues no diseases
87% Black SIGATOKA
8 to 10 healthy leaves per plant at the time of harvest
87% Yellow SIGATOKA

Each plant gave an average of 6 to 7 Off-springs, most of which are not fit for propagation
Average 20 productive Off-springs.
Production cycle- 8½ months
Productive cycles 6 months

5. Major of Nueva Requena certifies observations made by Agro-industrial crops Engineers of department of Agriculture of Republic of Peru: Farmers had abandoned their banana plantations due to high incidence of Black sigatoka. Four months after application of Homa Organic Farming, farmers started to come back to their abandoned plantations because Black sigatoka was totally eradicated, production increased and bananas had high nutritional content, better taste, texture, color, they were bigger in size, had more weight and were totally free from plagues and sicknesses. (See Annexure to this paper).
6. Major of Puerto Sira certified that banana and plantain trees were dying. The Department of Agriculture of Peru tried by all known methods to eradicate Black sigatoka, with no results. Total success to eradicate Black sigatoka was achieved with a scientific organic agriculture known as “Homa Therapy” which is taught for free.
7. Ucayali Regional government: 13 minutes Video showing how black Sigatoka was totally eradicated in their research station’s banana plantation 87% infested, after four months of applying Homa Organic Farming.
8. SENASA (National Service of Agrarian Health) in Ucayali region, Peru, South America. Observations in “Ingiri” bananas by Engineer Alejandro Llaque Sakuma: After 2 months of applying Homa Therapy to a plantation infested with Black sigatoka 80 to 90%, one could easily observe significant decrease of the disease. After four months, Black sigatoka was completely eradicated. Shoots (offsprings) had an excellent formation and strength. Engineer Yaque declared: “No where have I seen a mother plant with a healthy banana bunch and twelve healthy leaves”. Each mother plant produced an average of twenty healthy strong shoots. Four were kept for propagation and sixteen where sold by the farmers. They received more money from the shoots than from the banana bunch. Thus they paid their loans to Government and to Banks. This shows a change of mentality among the farmers. You can see in our web page letters from Government thanking us for this.
9. Padre Abad, Aguaitia, Cedrujo Sector, Ucayali, Perú. Alberto Rios Soria, owner of 11 hectares of bananas with 97% black sigatoka, totally eradicated after four months of applying Homa organic Farming technology.

If bananas have been in such deep trouble for so long and we have had such fantastic results with HOMA ORGANIC FARMING and total success in healing and rejuvenating bananas only in four months, then, HOMA ORGANIC FARMING will work with any crop.
Homa Organic Farming, however, is not even part of the mainstream of Indian agricultural system. Yet it is the only practical, economic and efficient solution we can find.

We, Homa volunteers, are not interested in convincing anyone. We are simply sharing information. Take it or leave it.

This is really the last chance for the Scientists:
“Due to pollution insects begin cross mating and hybrids are created. The insects begin to change their life cycle and develop immunity to cold which means we see insects en masse in more than just warm weather. This greatly increases population growth among pests and thereby we will have tremendous problems with crops and diseases. Performance of Agnihotra reverses this trend. It puts the nutrients back into the soil. It fills the atmosphere with nutrients. In Agnihotra atmosphere the percentage of seed germination improves, the potency of medicinal plants is strengthened and the plants emit Love, giving the feedback effect to the human mind. SCIENCE MUST RESEARCH YAJNYA AND ITS EFFECTS NOW”. 6/.
6/. Paranjpe, Vasant V., HOMA THERAPY: OUR LAST CHANCE. Op.cit, p. 23.
“When Mantras are done in conjunction with HOMA fire the vibrations from the Mantras become locked up in the ash and therefore the ash becomes even more powerful. TIME HAS COME NOW FOR SCIENCE TO LOOK INTO THE ASH THAT COMES FROM AGNIHOTRA. Once they will begin to understand the ash, they will be able to better understand the implications of the Agnihotra fire itself and it’s far reaching effects and truly vast implications. 7/.
7/. Paranjpe, Vasant V., HOMA THERAPY: OUR LAST CHANCE. Op.cit, p. 16.
All people depend on farmers for their food. If Scientists are not concerned with finding solutions for the farmers who are committing suicide, then, what is the point of continuing to undertake scientific research?
Humble Scientists will lead the way: Say Mary Lee Weir is a Medical Doctor graduated at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. She examines me with the most modern equipment and says. “Sorry, nothing can be done. Tomorrow she will be dead”. Then comes one who has achieved the level of consciousness of filling all the spheres of his or her mind with Love, touches me and on a second exam, Dr. Mary Lee says: “What happened? She is completely healthy!” Any Scientist with a pinch of humility would not deny the fact but conclude: “There are laws which we still do not know”.
All the way from domestic violence up to the Third World War, the root is the same: ignorance, vested interests and lack of spiritual development, that is, a human mind that is not filled with Love. Agnihotra is an accelerated process to purify the mind and fill it with Love:
“The (Agnihotra) fire is to be prepared in a copper vessel which has a pyramidal shape. The metal itself, as well as the shape, have an effect on the subtle energies which induce a change in the atmosphere leading to a beneficial change on the mind. Agnihotra is a great material aid to unburden the mind and you begin to feel free. THIS LEADS TO CONTENTMENT IN LIFE SINCE A PUSH IS GIVEN TO THE MIND TO REACT WITH LOVE”. 8/.

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