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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

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Noah's Arch

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A. Introduction.

Vedas, is the oldest body of knowledge known to human beings. It is a patrimony of humanity as a whole, not limited to Sanskrit Scholars or Indian Culture. We propose to show step by step, the development of works detailing a particular contribution of Vedas to world civilization in technology. The importance of this project is paramount because that technology is the only viable solution to problems which are threatening the continuity of world civilization.

The following pages and Annexures, including videos, substantiate the above statement with facts.

We call this project “Noah’s Ark”, precisely because it offers to our world today what the Biblical Noah’s Ark offered to the world before the Universal Flood.

The wide range of farming-related problems confronting the poor people and tribals include the following:

• Per hectare production of food grains is decreasing and soil condition is deteriorating
• There is an old Indian saying that the prosperity of the farmer depends on how many microorganisms are present in his soil. Microorganisms have been killed by agrochemicals. Continued use of agrochemicals depletes nutrients from the soil until the earth refuses to produce. On the other hand, the soil has become so deteriorated that without agrochemicals, nothing grows.
• Water resources have become contaminated. Acid rain, ozone holes, toxicity in atmosphere, soil and water, radiation coming from the bowels of the earth, all combine to destroy the top fifteen centimeters of soil. Our life depends on these top fifteen centimeters of soil.
• The problem is enhanced in multi fold because of poor quality of land due to heavy rainfall and runoff of soil layer.
• Due to the combination of different forms of pollution prevalent today, organic farming methods which worked very well fifteen years ago may no longer be successful.

Poor farmers in this region and in many parts of the world are the most adversely affected by these problems and have, in many instances, given up hope of finding solutions. Large numbers of desperate farmers, many of whom are even resorting to suicide, are in need of techniques and assistance that address problems and improve their standard of living. Homa Technology is a proven, viable, and practical solution.

The project will document the actual implementation of a successful innovative technology coming from the oldest science: VEDAS called “Homa Therapy”. The daily practice of simple Vedic techniques in a central place will have a triple effect in an area up to two hundred acres around that central place:

1. It will make farmers self sufficient in food thus making it possible to achieve the goal of village level food security
2. It will make the rural population self sufficient in heath
3. It will reestablish the ecological balance of the two hundred acres area around the central point were Homa technology is being applied every day.

This project will document how this triple effect will result in the eradication of poverty from this two hundred acres area. It is a pilot project so it can be implemented anywhere to eradicate poverty from rural areas in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

By way of background, Homa Technology Farming is based on the Vedic science of bio-energy, denoting the process of removing toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This means healing and purifying the atmosphere with fire as the medium. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you, plants, and animals. It rejuvenates the soil. The words “Heal the atmosphere” have widespread ramifications not yet investigated by modern science (See Annexure One. Shree Vasant Paranjpe, HOMA THERAPY: OUR LAST CHANCE, Fivefold Path Publications, Library of Congress Catalog Card number 89-80980, ISBN 0-944909-01-9- First Indian Edition 2005, and POWER POINT PRESENTATION – “TOTAL ERADICATION OF POVERTY” – By Bruce Johnson, Homa Therapy Teacher).
The Fivefold Path Mission’s work is structured on the application of Homa Farming Technology as it is used currently to resolve critical disturbances to agriculture, health and the environment. The work benefits, as well, from successful outcomes of Homa Therapy projects conducted in the Peru Amazon area (South America),Wysoka, Jordanow (South Poland), various areas in India and other countries. (See Annexure Two: SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD: SEVEN MONTHS REPORT FROM OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY OF PERU, SOUTH AMERICA; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN UCAYALI AND HUANUCO, PERU; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN WYSOKA, JORDANOW, SOUTH POLAND, EUROPE; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA and VIDEOS: 1) Homa Organic Farming by Vedic Homa Therapy for Agriculture; 2) Some Homa Therapy Pilot Projects, by Fivefold Path Mission, India; 3) Introduction to the Ancient Science of Homa Therapy by the Homa Therapy Association of Australia; 4) Testimonies in Agriculture by HBO Ole).

Fivefold Path Mission is a Public Trust registered with the Charity Commissioner, Maharashtra State. It is an educational Trust to assist people to live in harmony with nature. Trust Registration Number is E-379 (Solapur).

Fivefold Path Mission has been spreading the ancient scientific knowledge of HOMA ORGANIC FARMING (No Agrochemicals), HOMA ASH MEDICINES, HOMA PSYCHOTHERAPY, etc.

Fivefold Path Mission is a non profit educational organization dedicated to the resurrection of ancient Vedic Knowledge as a scientific patrimony for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

The original founder of the Trust, Shree Vasant Paranjpe has been teaching this knowledge in all continents with the banner:


There are around twelve thousand (12.000) hectares of sick Mango trees in areas surrounding LUCKNOW, Capital of Uttar Pradesh, India. Because of our previous success in Peru, South America (See Annexure Three: MANGO REPORT FROM DIRECTOR OF AGRICULTURE, PIURA, PERU) and Maharashtra India, (See Annexure Four: EFFECT OF HOMA ATMOSPHERE ON MANGO PLANTATION AT MANAS KRISHI FARM IN MAHARASHTRA INDIA, excerpt from VIDEO by VEDIC AND HOMA THERAPY FOR AGRICULTURE) there is big demand for Homa Therapy in that area. If we show them the success of one project in their area by rejuvenating and healing sick mango trees in around two hundred acres with Homa Technology, then, others will follow.

Homa Therapy heals any sick crops, animals and people in the area where it is practiced because it heals the atmosphere and rejuvenates the soil.

Do not believe anything we say, experiment, observe and believe what you confirm with your own experience. That is the Scientific Method.

By practice of Homa Farming, nutrients are injected into the atmosphere and this becomes antidote to acid rain, ozone holes, toxins coming from the earth etc. Based on practical experience in the Amazon region of the Republic of Peru, we suggest a model for future farming. This model of two hundred acres (eighty hectares) will certainly provide for food security at village level or a group of villages level. The largest experiment so far was that of the Office of the Presidency of Peru in the zone of Alto Huallaga in which HOMA technology was applied in 3000 acres. Excellent results were observed in all crops. See Report from office of the president of the Republic of Peru, in Annexure Two).

A group of established organic farmers, or those who want to become organic, can join hands in such a project. We need an area up to 200 acres. The land can be owned by different farmers but the lands have to be continuous i.e. touching each other.

B. Noah’s Ark Consists of Five Projects

Noah’s Ark Project consists of HOMA TECHNOLOGY APPLIED TO ACHIEVE FIVE GOALS. Each Goal consists of one Project in itself:

1. Project ONE: Breeding of High pedigree Cows
2. Project TWO: Establishing of a Resonance Point and a Gloria Biosol Biofertilizer Unit
3. Project THREE: Village level food security.
4. Project FOUR: Total Healing (Humans, animals, atmosphere, soil and water) and Free Folk medicines that really work.
5. Project FIVE: Evergreen Revolution (SADA HARIT KRANTI).

1. Project ONE: Breeding of High Pedigree Cows and Bulls – all Desi breed with hump on back.

For this we will need DESI variety with hump, COWS SUCH AS GIR: 10 cows including breeding bull for extremely pure breed and special selected cows. Price is likely to be Rs.20,000- (twenty thousand Rupees) each, including transport. That is US $ 500 per cow at forty Rupees per dollar. We will also need TEN MILKING COWS GIR VARIETY @ 16.000 Rupees each (cost + transportation). That is US $ 400 each.

Normally cotton seed was commonly given to cows as external feed. However, now a large scale BT cotton has made its way. While planting, the normal rules like keeping some surrounding area as it was in nature, keeping a certain distance between the next cotton fields which is traditional are not observed in India. These rules themselves are manmade and are not based on previous experience. Several scientists believe that the BT cotton pests will become immune to the intrinsic capacity to expel pests and then the pest problem will become more horrible. So there is great danger of BT cotton having been mixed with traditional cotton and hence we want to avoid cotton seed altogether unless we are sure that they come from organic cotton only. In India and U.K there are enough examples of cows dying because they happened to eat BT cotton seed cakes.

The project will provide one cow for each hectare; with twenty cows being kept together in a goshala (cow shed). Cows will have company and free grazing for better yield. For these twenty cows, farmers have to agree to keep two hectares (five acres) for fodder plus two hectares (five acres) for growing crops which can be used as external feed for the cows, e.g. sunflower, safflower, tuar, daal (a leguminous), soy, maize, and jowar (a cereal grain). In Homa atmosphere, cows produce more and healthier offspring. Also they produce more and better quality milk with greater butter content and the health of the cows will be outstanding. (See Annexure Five: Cow Report from the Dean of Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva, Tingo Maria, Huanuco, Peru. Original Spanish and English Translation).

One of the main purposes of bringing back the cow to the family with land is because cows (male and female) will make barren land fertile again, while creating sources of income for the family and employment for others in the family home. The breeding of cows is intimately connected with the attainment of the goal of village level food security.

So twenty acres are to be kept aside for the above purpose and the farmers comprising two hundred acres will have to decide how to compensate these twenty acre farmers out of the common pool.

Project TWO – Establishment of a Resonance Point Unit (RPU) with Gloria BIOSOL BIOFERTILIZER.

Resonance techniques are a part of simple practices used to heal big areas of diseased land in short periods of time and/or to obtain better yield in less time at lower cost with new plantations. Resonance also builds microorganisms. (See Annexure Six: What is a Resonance Point?). The same human effort is required to heal one acre or two hundred acres. Therefore the projects area covers one Resonance Point Unit (RPU), it heals up to 200 acres of land, i.e., eighty hectares.

The Resonance Point Technology is based on Vedic sciences of Bio-energy, Climatic Engineering, Agriculture and Vruksha Ayurveda, that is, medicine for the plant kingdom. It is extremely practical and simple and it is an exact science.

Once the resonance point is established, participants maintain it by the simple daily practice of Agnihotra. (See page 12 below and Annexure Seven: Agnihotra: A new Dimension).

Soil in resonance atmosphere holds moisture better than any soil, due largely to the feedback of Homa on the atmosphere. When the nutritional rain comes due to the practice of Homa organic farming, the nutrients and moisture are sustained as a unit in the soil. This makes for better quality vegetation. Agnihotra Homa and Agnihotra ash, when put on the soil, help stabilize the amount of nitrogen and potassium present.

The establishment of a Resonance point is done once in a lifetime. What has to be done every day is extremely simple and anyone can do it. Homa Therapy volunteers teach everything for free. (See Annexure Six: WHAT IS A RESONANCE POINT?).

A Gloria Biosol Homa organic fertilizer unit, named for Gloria Guzman, a biochemist from Peru, will be built at the Resonance Point. Normally the “humus” which comes out as liquid from earthworm droppings, is let out by a faucet, day by day. When Ms. Guzman saw the miraculous results of Agnihotra ash medicines on humans, animals and plants, she devised a way to seal a container of earthworm droppings, water and cow dung mixture, and Agnihotra ash for twenty eight (28) days, so that the liquid would acquire the properties of Agnihotra. Trials with the resultant vermin-wash, in three different climatic area of Peru demonstrated miraculous growth in all three areas (See Annexure Eight: Gloria Biosol Biological Fertilizer).

Thus, to enhance soil fertility, we make the Gloria BIOSOL BIOFERTILIZER. For that, we need earthworm pits. This can be set up along with GOSHALA (Cowshed) complex. To produce three thousand liters of GLORIA BIOSOL per month we need ten one thousand liter tanks. This will come near GOSHALA- Earthworm- BIOSOL complex. Out of ten acres kept for fodder GOSHALA complex can be built.

This BIOFERTILIZER has been proven to be far superior to anything available in the market.

Project THREE – To establish and maintain Village Level Food Security

There will be much increase in per acre production at much lower cost. This is a great help in planning for food security at the level of village or a group of villages.

Our idea is these two hundred acre farmers need not go out to buy any input they require for HOMA FARMING.

We will thus have enough milk to produce all ghee required for maintaining twenty four hour HOMA plus the ghee required for Agnihotra by the farming families comprising these two hundred acres.

Our major problem was where to find money if the Project was required to buy external feed for cows apart from fodder on ten acres. As days will go by the availability of such feed material will become less due to environmental factors. Secondly, how to make sure that it was grown without agrochemicals or synthetics? Hence it was decided to keep ten acres for this purpose within the two hundred acres. From our experience by Homa we can grow nearly double the quantity per acre of sunflower, safflower, soya-bean, tuar, as compared to any method known to modern science, whether chemical, biological or cultural. Jowar and maize we can grow one and half times the normal. Thus these two hundred acre farmers become totally independent. They will maintain their seed bank for the next crop.

Due to the combination of polluting factors, organic farming methods which worked very well fifteen years ago are no longer producing the same results; thus a growing need for Homa organic farming. Increase in quantity and quality will lead towards food security. Organic farming development programs have found that, in most cases, farmers who switched to organic agriculture enjoyed higher earnings, better health, higher standard of living and enhanced quality of land; inasmuch as organic production, when practiced correctly, is environmentally sound. Ultimately, the village becomes a distribution center to help the farmer become self-sufficient. The project’s goal for self sufficiency includes providing the farmer with:

• One cow per hectare, keeping twenty cows together in one goshala (cow shed)
• Food plants (cereal grains, legumes, vegetables)
• Fruit plants
• Medicinal and culinary herbal plants
• Plant material, Gloria Biosol bio-fertilizer

Homa technology is a TRUMP CARD in the attainment of self sufficiency for poor farmers and tribals. In every place where it has been applied, farmers have been able to produce more quantity per hectare, with better color, taste, texture, more disease resistance, less harvesting loses, in less time with less cost and with longer shelf life of produce, than with any other method known to modern agriculture. (See Annexure Two: SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD: SEVEN MONTHS REPORT FROM OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY OF PERU, SOUTH AMERICA; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN UCAYALI AND HUANUCO, PERU; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN WYSOKA, JORDANOW, SOUTH POLAND, EUROPE; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA and VIDEOS: 1) Homa Organic Farming by Vedic Homa Therapy for Agriculture; 2) Some Homa Therapy Pilot Projects, by Fivefold Path Mission, India; 3) Introduction to the Ancient Science of Homa Therapy by the Homa Therapy Association of Australia; 4) Testimonies in Agriculture by HBO Ole).

Project FOUR – Total Healing and AGNIHOTRA ASH FOLK MEDICINES As Developed in Germany.

Apart from Agnihotra, Om Tryambakam Homa Fire is performed four hours every day in the Resonance point area and as many hours as possible on full and no moon days. People take turns and easily see the healing effects on themselves, animals, plants, soil, water, and atmosphere. Stress is eliminated and mind calms down. Motivation comes easily to do more and more hours of Om Tryambakam Homa healing Fire until it is done around the clock. Due to Homa going on for twenty four hours the place becomes healing for humans, animals, soil, water and atmosphere. People can sit in this area and they will get healed. Various psychiatry problems, tension on mind, hyperactivity with children and adults, Schizophrenia, Autism can be cured without medicines simply by being in this atmosphere of round the clock fires and mantras.

Furthermore, project Four includes folk medicines that really work for total healing, based on Homa Technology, available free of cost to participants.

Rural people have no money to buy normal medicines and also normal medicines are not working as they used to do. The medicinal aspects of Agnihotra ash, from the lost portion of Ayurveda called Ash Therapy (Bhasma Chikitsa) will be utilized by this project. Ash medicines have been researched in Germany for over ten years (See Annexure Nine: HOMA THERAPY: THE ANCIENT SCIENCE OF HEALING by Monika Koch, Fivefold Path Publications Second Editon January 2007 ISBN 81 – 902660 – 1 – 2); and are being used, free of charge, all over the world and are showing substantial cures, especially with rural women (See Annexure Ten: Homa Human Healings from Newsletter). On all continents, people have been healed from different kinds of sicknesses, including terminal cases, with Homa ash medicines. Videos to that effect can be seen on our web pages: www.homa1.com, www.homatherapy.org, www.agnihotra-ash-medicines.com. The first web page is in three languages: Spanish, English and German. The second one is in English. The third is in German and English.

In Secrets of the Soil, in their chapter on Agnihotra, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird highlighted the work of ex-Soviet scientists with Agnihotra. After several experiments, one senior scientist, Mr. Mato Modrick, an expert in electromagnetic fields and geo-pathogenic zones, concluded that Agnihotra ash could produce disinfectant and tissue-contracting effects on living matter. Also, ash has pesticide and fungicidal properties and it might ultimately solve the problem of mineral deficiencies. (See Annexure Seven: Agnihotra: A new Dimension).

We will work in about twenty to twenty five villages surrounding the two hundred acre farm selected for Noah’s Ark Project. Volunteers of Fivefold Path Mission will cover these villages. Also, tanker villages (villages where potable water is available only through tankers) and padas (tribal hamlets) will be covered. Fivefold Path Mission volunteers will start women’s medicine circles. The volunteers work free. They will teach how to make medicines from Agnihotra ash and how to use the medicines on psychosomatic level as our experience in several countries shows. (See Annexure Ten: Healings from Newsletter)

Here we would like to quote our experience in a very poor area of Etah district in U.P. Volunteers worked in about twenty two villages for three weeks. After six weeks the monitoring was done about the beneficial effects of Agnihotra ash medicines. The person who did the monitoring has sent us his report by E- mail with photographs of ladies and how their long term diseases were cured. Normal medicines were not able to cure their sickness. Agnihotra ash medicines are always given free and never sold for money. Photocopy of report is enclosed herewith. (See Annexure Eleven: Report from Etah District U.P.

This shows the organizational capacity of the Fivefold Path Mission.

The attainment of the above four goals, accelerates the process towards the attainment of the fifth:


A. Introduction

It is no more business as usual. It is no use beating about the bush. Let us come to the point. What is the point?


When we are in the grip of fate and all around us appears crumbling, will we sit silent in our own meditations while the world goes to pieces? The time has come to spread quickly this ancient Vedic knowledge if humankind is to survive. Time is of the essence. HOMA Therapy is given at the time when all hope is gone. It is given for all people. Anyone can do it; anyone can incorporate it in his/her daily life. HOMA has a profound effect on plant life. It has a beneficial effect on animals including humankind but would be more easily detected in plants as they are simpler organisms.

Poor farmers in many parts of the world are the most adversely affected by problems which afflict the world today. That is why so many of them are committing suicide. We cannot expect to succeed in the implementation of any new technology without considering THE ECOLOGICAL FACTORS which sooner or later will affect the daily lives of all people in the world in a significant way.

HOMA ORGANIC FARMING which comes from the Atharva Veda is a solution to multiple pollution problems faced by modern society.

The Agricultural part of YAJNYA referred to above, was presented by Shree Vasant in South America, as a SUPERTECHNOLOGY: HOMA Therapy Farming, we want to present this in India, not as a second green revolution but as Evergreen Revolution (SADA HARIT KRANTI).

SCIENTISTS CARRY THE FATE OF THE WORLD. Ancient science from Atharva Veda tells us how to keep soil fertile and water pure, how to get maximum yield out of minimum agricultural area, how to keep atmosphere nutritious. All of these are part of HOMA THERAPY. You must rely upon scientific means to undo the effects of polluted conditions in atmosphere, soil, water and all life-forms.

The composition of nutrients in the soil deteriorates and this has a great impact on the food supply. The practice of HOMA replenishes the nutrients which are robbed from our environment by pollution. The chemical and molecular structure of bacteria change and they become more immune to conventional medical methods. If HOMA is practiced on a large scale this can improve.

Micro-organisms are rapidly dying in the soil. There will be no food to eat unless there is HOMA atmosphere. Agnihotra, the basic HOMA, is the way to save the world now. If anyone can show a better, easier, more practical way, we are willing to listen.

It is anticipated that the project will result in sustained self sufficiency in farming output, will help to improve rural health and will contribute to the overall economic and social development of the region. Specifically, the project anticipates that:
• Quantity of harvest per hectare will be greater than presently achieved
• Harvesting time is reduced and there will be noticeable improvement in the taste, color and texture of the harvest.
• Chemical-free farming will produce food with higher nutritional content
• Cost of production is much less than with any other method.
• Farmers will experience improved nutrition, increased revenue and increased health of the community.


Homa organic farming technology consists of the daily practice of Agnihotra at the exact time of sunrise and sunset according to the particular longitude and latitude of that place (See Annexure Seven: AGNIHOTRA: A New Dimension and page 12 below), daily practice of other Homa fires which are very simple, some of them performed during longer hours or twenty-four hours on full and new moon, simple mantras to be chanted during planting, utilization of Agnihotra ash in simple ways for soil and plants, practice of certain simple methods of intercropping and utilization of GLORIA BIOSOL (organic fertilizer explained below). This process begins immediately after the establishment of a resonance point. (See Annexure Six: What is a Resonance Point?).

(1). Agnihotra is the basis of this super technology.

AGNIHOTRA is the basic healing tool in Homa Technology for Human beings, animals and plants. It is a fire prepared in a small copper pyramid tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/ sunset. Vedas give several definitions of sunrise and sunset. They state that of those, only one particular definition, which does not take into account refraction, is to be used to nourish the vegetable kingdom in an area, eliminate sickness in that area, calm the mind and fill it with love.

The timing is to be exact based on when the first ray of the sun comes to the place where you are located. In modern times, this is determined by a small pocket GPS (Global Position System), which can connect you to more than five U.S. satellites in less than sixty seconds. You wait for one more minute and you can get the exact location where you are, in relation to the whole planet Earth, i.e., the GPS gives you latitude and longitude of that particular place where you are located, in degrees, minutes and seconds. We feed this data to a computer program developed in Germany, based on the ancient definition of sunrise/sunset cited below. The German software gives you a timetable with the exact time of sunrise and sunset for your location, hour, minute and second, for 365 days of the year. The program is called “Sun, 365”. You have to practice this small pyramid fire called Agnihotra at the exact time given in the timetable to get the effect we are describing. If you do not do it at the exact time, it is not Agnihotra.

Nuclear scientists have demonstrated that a plant, an ameba, an insect, a wild animal, etc., know to the second, the exact time of sunrise and sunset according to that particular definition. Only us, human beings, our pets and the life forms controlled by us, are not aware of these exact natural timings due to our life styles, separated from the basic biorhythms of nature.

The person who wants to practice this pyramid fire does not have to own GPS nor computer. We Homa Therapy Volunteers carry with us GPS, lap top computer and portable printer. The timetable for each location is given free to anyone interested in practicing this healing pyramid fire process. Timetables for Agnihotra can also be obtained from any of our web pages cited above.

There are several definitions of sunrise and sunset given in the ancient Himalayan tradition of Vedic science. However, they state that for bringing nutrition to plant life and reducing disease in an area, one particular definition of sunrise and sunset should be used to perform Agnihotra. This relates to half disc of sun on horizon and not counting refraction or visibility. This definition was the one used in Germany to develop the software. For example, if you are at the beach and you see half of the disk of the sun in the horizon at sunset, you cannot do Agnihotra according to what you are seeing, because the sun has already set. What you are seeing is the refraction. Therefore you have to do Agnihotra process according to the mathematical calculation done in Germany and not what you are seeing with your eyes. According to Ancient Vedic Science, sunrise is described as follows:

“At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend all the way to the Earth and produce a flood effect at those coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake. This torrent of life sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice. At sunrise that music can be heard. The morning Agnihotra Mantra is the essence of that music. It is the quintessential sound of that flood. At sunset the flood recedes.”

Shree Vasant.Paranjpe, HOMA THERAPY OUR LAST CHANCE, op.cit., Fivefold Path Publications, 1st Indian Edition 2005, page 9

Besides we do OM TRYAMBAKAM HOMA. Special energies of Pournima (Full moon) and Amavasya (No moon) are turned beneficially to plant growth and pest control.

In addition to other effects, at certain intervals bursts of energy emanate from the Agnihotra copper pyramid depending on the phase of the moon, the position of the moon and the position of the earth in relation to the sun. These bursts of energy thrust nutrients and fragrance through the solar range having a profound impact on the mind.

Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic type field is created one which neutralizes negative types of energy and reinforces positive pattern. This is created by one who does Agnihotra merely by his/ her performance.

2) Observations done by Nuclear Physicists on Agnihotra

Shree Vasant worked for several years with ex-Soviet research scientists on the subject of YAJNYA (HOMA), especially this simple Agnihotra.

In the book ‘Secrets of the Soil’ by Peter Tomkins and Chistopher Bird published in New York, there is one chapter on Agnihotra. Their authors are quoting ex-Soviet scientists whom they met, and their ideas about Agnihotra. After several experiments, one senior scientist, Mr. Mato Modrick, EXPLAINED THAT HE BELIEVED HE WAS DEALING WITH A COMPLEX THAT COULD POTENTIALLY AFFECT THE WHOLE ENVIRONMENT, COUNTERACTING THE TOXINS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED OVER THE LAST CENTURY BY THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND THAT THE PROCESS MIGHT HAVE ENORMOUS IMPLICATIONS FOR OUR VERY EXISTENCE.

He added that Agnihotra performed at various specially spaced points on Earth, if done at sunrise and sunset, could affect an energy associated with the Earth, such as one described by Steiner and Reich, the enhancement of which would have healing effects on the environment.

Mr.Modric describes the Agnihotra process as follows:

“We believe we can establish the fact of an electromagnetic radiation during Agnihotra process, but we are in an area of informational transfer through intermolecular and inter-atomic processes mediated by ultraviolet photons. It is logical to conclude that some kind of energetic mechanism is being activated which can be translated into physical meaning linked to concrete information that is yet unknown but which is connected to systems of resonance”.

It is interesting to note that ancient science states that it is RESONANCE WHICH HEALS. Thus, a common ground is beginning to emerge between ancient Vedic science and Quantum Physics.

This sunrise/ sunset copper pyramid fire, Agnihotra, touches the core of the earth where the healing is received and generated into the atmosphere.

This Pyramid receives as well as transmits healing energies into the atmosphere. HOMA atmosphere, especially that created by Agnihotra, acts as a catalyst on plant metabolism, causing the plant to reach for the nutrients it needs. The plants get strong and then absorb the nutrients. The plants get healthy and are able to blend with the ecological balance more efficiently. When plants are grown in HOMA atmosphere it is not necessary to expect the plants to become large, but observe the quality, appearance and size of the vegetable, fruit and flower. All the energy of the plant goes towards yield because just by performance of this HOMA we nourish the atmosphere and make the plant happy. With Homa, fruit trees will yield fruit, double the usual size, if Agnihotra is performed regularly in orchards.

Trace elements in the soil are changing drastically. Trace elements are important to plant growth and maturation. Homa re-establishes the ecological balance in the area. A micro-climate is created. It is climatic engineering.

Science is the search for truth. Technology is how you apply that knowledge. Technology in the world today has all too often been violent against nature, society and our psyche. Based on Vedic sciences, Shree Vasant offers AHIMSA TECHNOLOGY, a non-violent technology which respects and reaffirms life and as a sub-product, it helps overcome the global problems which are threatening the continuity of world civilization.

(3) The main question is how to improve the soil quality?

Agrochemicals have played their innings and Scientists now are thinking of adding herbal or other natural materials into the soil to improve the quality of the soil. This also has given very limited results.
Due to hybrid and compounded pollution some Scientists from the West think that we have reached a stage which may be termed ‘Irreversible’. Organic farming methods which used to give wonderful results even fifteen years ago now fail to do so, due to hybrid pollution.

To solve this problem, modern Science normally considers soil improvement and to some extent water quality improvement. According to the ancient Science of VRUKSHA AYURVEDA, (WRUKSHA means TREE) which is now presented as Homa Organic Farming, atmosphere is the biggest single factor which affects plant kingdom, soil and water quality. So now, Science has to investigate if there is a way to make ATMOSPHERE MORE NUTRITIOUS AND FRAGRANT and thus improve soil quality and water resources.

HOMA ORGANIC FARMING makes some interesting statements based on VRUKSHA AYURVEDA which may be examined by Agro-Scientists:

With the daily performance of Homa healing fires, (Agnihotra and Om tryambakam Homa), a healthy micro-flora and micro-fauna is created. This gives rise to a micro environment or micro-system which is comparatively less toxic to the growing plants.

The soil which has now become a living soil because of the presence of micro-organisms, has all the chemical components useful for life in the form of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen. According to modern theory these three together form life in the form of bacteria. We have e.g., nitrogen fixing bacteria, also bacteria working on phosphorous content of the soil.

After creation of such environment, creatures like earthworms thrive. They eat the soil, digest it and replenish the soil.

“Soil in homa atmosphere holds moisture better than any soil. It is due to the ghee (clarified butter from cow’s milk) and the feedback of homa on the atmosphere. When the nutritional rain comes due to the practice of homa organic farming, the nutrients and moisture are sustained as a unit in the soil. This makes for better quality vegetation. It seems fantastic but it is true”

“In homa atmosphere the metabolic process of plants is sped up. It is the ghee used in agnihotra process that is the catalystic factor and on a more subtle level the mantras interacting with the combined effect of the burnt ghee and rice. This combination enters the soil after returning from the solar range. It enters the plant by, one might say, attaching itself to minerals and water absorbed by the root system of the plants. The ghee acts as a catalyst, creating a chemical reaction with the plant, aiding in enzyme and vitamine production and encouraging and increasing the cyclic rate. In other words plants mature faster, taste better and are better. Just by performance of homa in the garden”

“Agnihotra homa and agnihotra ash when put on the soil help stabilize the amount of nitrogen and potassium present”

It has been found that when agnihotra ash is added to normal soil it increases the water soluble phosphate content of the soil and the nutrients are absorbed readily by the root hair of the plant. Absorption of the mega nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash because of small cells and active transport is helped by homa atmosphere. Homa atmosphere is conducive to growing and therefore attracts the nutrients, insects, microorganisms and animals that would be happy and thrive in that environment.

In these ancient teachings of farming (rishi krishi) it is stated that in agnihotra atmosphere and with agnihotra ash the phosphorus which is already in the soil becomes water-soluble. This has been tested in USA (See Annexure Twelve: Agnihotra ash and water soluble phosphates). Very recently at a German government agricultural research laboratory, it was confirmed that simply by adding Agnihotra ash to the soil, the water soluble phosphorous content becomes double. This is another breakthrough for agriculture and for reducing pollution. (See Annexure Thirteen: Experiments conducted by Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Landwirtschaft (fal), (the Federal Agricultural Research centre, Braunschweig, Germany prove that agnihotra ash makes the water soluble phosphorus content in the soil becomes higher).



1. Methodological Considerations

There are several benefits to the people, especially women, which cannot be counted in terms of money.

The quality of life in rural areas can be improved, the environmental state of “near irreversibility” can be pushed back and harmony in nature can be achieved with the application of Homa Technology. This is the reason we seek your help to get funding for this PILOT PROJECT FOR FARMERS AROUND THE RESONNACE POINT AREA AND THEIR FAMILIES, as a first step to spread this VEDIC TECHNOLOGY in a big way in India.

The project implementation will involve getting together rural communities and through training them in Homa Technology, followed by carefully demonstrated practices by our NGO: Fivefold Path Mission, (FPM). Through FPM personnel, cultivation will be carried out by natural methods and purely organic inputs. The FPM volunteers will be the main facilitators in the implementation and monitoring methodology of this pilot project. Thus:

 When working for the attainment of the goals detailed above, special efforts are made for the empowerment of women because this is an efficient method to improve the quality of life of the whole rural society.
 We will train and establish teams of women and farmers who can teach Agnihotra, other Homa fires, Homa organic farming techniques and Homa folk medicines locally.
 We will train local women’s organizations to keep track of substitution of chemicals in agriculture;
 We will create a common platform with national and international NGOs for sharing information and experiences on Homa Therapy.
 We will also involve the private sector and various governmental bodies, for the benefit of the farmers.
 We will provide a framework for the attainment of the immediate and long-term goals of the PROJECT. Farmers notice that Homa Therapy volunteers are really showing them a way towards self-sufficiency in food and health. Thus, the type of relationship between Homa volunteers, women’s organizations, local NGOs and the farmers will allow for an efficient monitoring of the achievement of the goals in the area of this project.
 FPM will provide essential infrastructure, equipment and training on HOMA technology to poor farmers.



One can grow maximum yield out of minimum agricultural area by keeping the soil fertile, water pure and the atmosphere nutritious with the practice of HOMA Organic Farming Technology. Ancient science of Homa organic farming is a system of food production where atmosphere is nourished through daily performance of simple fires tuned to basic biorhythms of nature--sunrise, sunset, phases of moon. Thus, farmers work with nature.

Homa Technology has been applied in many countries. Everywhere the results have been the same. (See Annexure Two: SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD: SEVEN MONTHS REPORT FROM OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY OF PERU, SOUTH AMERICA; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN UCAYALI AND HUANUCO, PERU; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN WYSOKA, JORDANOW, SOUTH POLAND, EUROPE; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA and VIDEOS: 1) Homa Organic Farming by Vedic Homa Therapy for Agriculture; 2) Some Homa Therapy Pilot Projects, by Fivefold Path Mission, India; 3) Introduction to the Ancient Science of Homa Therapy by the Homa Therapy Association of Australia; 4) Testimonies in Agriculture by HBO Ole).

Our project will continue beyond the phase funded. The principal benefit of the project is the improved level of rural income by increasing crop yield with lower cost of farming. This will improve their nutrition levels and health of the farmers. This itself would be a model that would be easily emulated by larger communities and FPM will continue to be involved with training and hands-on establishment of the correct practices.

The proposed project will establish that our methodology will work for an expanded area under cultivation even without tight supervision due to the motivation created by HOMA Healing Fires.

We repeat: here are the results we expect on implementing the proposed project:

1) Quantity of harvest per hectare will be greater than presently achieved.
2) The time to reach harvest is reduced.
3) The taste of produce improves.
4) There will be improvement in color and texture of the harvest.
5) This produce will have a longer shelf-life, facilitating marketing.
6) Cost of production is much less than with any other method.
7) Soil nutrition will improve, even when crops which deplete the soil are cultivated.

These results will improve nutrition, provide more revenue for farmers and improve health of the community.

The project in India will demonstrate that Homa Organic Farming Technology will raise farm outputs and result in self sufficient communities in terms of food. This will improve the health and well-being of the population covered by FPM activities.

Since all the produce will meet the most stringent standards for organic farming, there would be ready markets to sell all surpluses, and this would provide additional disposable income to the farmers.


Any one can observe, with the daily practice of Agnihotra, the effects on the mind, the environment, the plants and animals. Much healing energy gets locked up in the HOMA ash. The healing process is accelerated by ingesting Agnihotra ash.

Homa Therapy homemade medicines were developed in Germany and they are fully explained in a book by German pharmacist Monika Koch. (See Annexure Nine: HOMA THERAPY: THE ANCIENT SCIENCE OF HEALING by Monika Koch, Fivefold Path Publications Second Editon January 2007 ISBN 81 – 902660 – 1 – 2).

Several hospitals and private clinics in Peru and Ecuador, South America prepare such Homa Therapy medicines for human healings free of charge. Hundreds of people on all continents have been completely healed from cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, skin diseases, kidney and liver malfunctioning, etc., solely by daily performance of Agnihotra and consumption of Agnihotra ash folk medicines. We, Homa Therapy people, supply the volunteers who teach everything needed for free. (See Annexure Ten: HOMA HUMAN HEAINGS FROM NEWSLETTER).


“Vedas” literally means “knowledge”. It is the most ancient body of knowledge known to human beings. It contains many sciences. Among them are the Vedic sciences of Bio-energy, Climatic Engineering, Agriculture, Ayurveda, (the oldest science of Medicine which exists), Pyramidology, Biorhythms of nature and Environmental Science. All these Vedic Sciences are related to our proposal.

Our methodology comes from Vedas. It is holistic, systemic, integral and organic. Thus, it is more similar to the methodology of Quantum Physics. Farmers and the general public interested in practicing these Vedic techniques do not need to understand the theory behind the technology. It is there, simple and clear for any scientist ready to research, but for the farmer and general public, it is enough to practice and observe the result. Even though Homa organic farming is based upon ancient Vedic sciences mentioned above, it is very practical and easy, so anybody without education can do it. Our technicians in Peruvian Amazon were young boys and girls with no education. A child does not need to be an electronics engineer to switch on the DVD player and enjoy a movie…

When scientists discover the laws behind subtle healing energies, they will stop calling these facts ‘miraculous’.

It is a race against TIME. Making experiments will involve the basic infrastructure which is lacking. This means our understanding of how these subtle energies work. Either we deny their existence or try to understand how they function.

To solve this problem we can begin to include PHENOMENOLOGY as part of experimentation even if we are unable to explain how the phenomena take place. When we get the same results, again and again, as it has happened with many documented observations of Homa Organic Farming success in South America, we should view this phenomena as worth considering even though we are not able to explain it.

The time has come when it is going to be either FEAST or FAMINE. No half way.

The most ancient Vedic science offers a unique, innovative modern technology which paves the way to bring peace, bliss and prosperity on Earth.


We are offering an initiative that uses a totally new technology (although its origin is in ancient most Vedic Science) to reach poor farmers to improve their health, that of their families, their crops, their animals and their environment.

This gives them the autonomy to ensure the health they need to continue to function, surrounded by a healthy family, healthy crops, healthy animals and a healthy environment. This is absolutely necessary now to ensure a continuous flow of food from the countryside to the cities of the world.


Apart from the effects described above, Agnihotra is an accelerated process to purify the mind. A clean mind makes the right choices, in accordance with the laws of nature. Success and happiness are the natural result. Concrete examples of these can be seen in the videos which are part of Annexure Two. (See Videos in Annexure Two: 1) Homa Organic Farming by Vedic Homa Therapy for Agriculture; 2) Some Homa Therapy Pilot Projects, by Fivefold Path Mission, India; 3) Introduction to the Ancient Science of Homa Therapy by the Homa Therapy Association of Australia; 4) “Inheritors of Fire” by HBO Ole, covering Homa success in South America, Poland, Germany and Spain)

A person from India named Shree Vasant Paranjpe was blessed by his Master, Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivapuri, Akkalkot, Maharashtra, India. Parama Sadguru uttered one Mantra from Atharva Veda and raised His hands in blessing, saying, “Carry our blissful words to all people of the world. Knowledge is given.” Shree Gajanan resuscitated the most ancient teachings of Vedas and put them in five words: YAJNYA, DAAN, TAPA, KARMA, SWADHYAYA. The basic Yajnya is AGNIHOTRA which is a small copper pyramid fire tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise / sunset. Anyone can learn it in few minutes. (See Annexure Seven: AGNIHOTRA a New Dimension).

Shree Vasant Paranjpe founded the FIVEFOLD PATH MISSION 1n 1974. He has dedicated his life to teaching ancient Vedic Knowledge under the modern name HOMA THERAPY. For about forty years without ever charging anything, he has been traveling and teaching Homa Therapy as a scientific patrimony for the benefit of all people all over the world, regardless of religion, caste, color of skin, or economic, social or cultural background


Among the different places where Homa Therapy Technology has been applied, it has been successfully piloted in three different locations around the world. They are Ucayali and Huanuco in Peru, the Tapovan Farm in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra, India and Wysoka, Jordanow, South Poland. Other locations also exist but we have information readily available from the monitoring of these three.

In each of these three pilot farms, it has been demonstrated and also independently verified that:

--Plant health is significantly improved, resulting in higher yields and better crop quality.
--All farm personnel and cattle demonstrate improved health and productivity.
(See Annexure Two: SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD: SEVEN MONTHS REPORT FROM OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY OF PERU, SOUTH AMERICA; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN UCAYALI AND HUANUCO, PERU; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN WYSOKA, JORDANOW, SOUTH POLAND, EUROPE; SUCCESS OF HOMA TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA and VIDEOS: 1) Homa Organic Farming by Vedic Homa Therapy for Agriculture; 2) Some Homa Therapy Pilot Projects, by Fivefold Path Mission, India; 3) Introduction to the Ancient Science of Homa Therapy by the Homa Therapy Association of Australia; 4) Testimonies in Agriculture by HBO Ole).


In the last seven years, VRUKSHA AYURVEDA, that is, Ayurveda for the plant kingdom has been widely used in experiments in Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Germany, Poland, Australia, Spain, India, and the United States, among other countries, under the name of HOMA ORGANIC FARMING. The results are marvelous; in fact, miraculous. Please refer to the web pages cited above.

Plantations which could not be healed by anything known to modern science were rejuvenated in a period of a few months. Wastelands were transformed into garden lands. Poor farmer families in Amazon forest area who were about to leave their land and migrate to shantytowns around Lima (Capital of Peru, South America) were able to rejuvenate their farms and able to pay bank loans and government loans. All this is well documented by the Office of the President of Peru. Please consult our web page cited above to see official documentation with signature and seal from the Government of Peru, to this effect.

We will conduct the experience; farmers and interested people can observe and decide if they want to practice these techniques in their daily lives or not. Then, our Funding Agents can decide to repeat the experience to eradicate poverty from the rural areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

G. The project will be implemented by the FIVEFOLD PATH MISSION TRUST
(See page 3, above)


The project will be completed in one year. After six months, the project becomes self-supporting and begins to earn income. In four years the infrastructure expenses could be recovered.

By HOMA method, farmers’ income will be much higher per acre. Even if one-third portion of this income is kept aside for repayment, in five years all investment could be recovered and this can be used as a rotating fund for the benefit of another group of farmers.
All infrastructure costs for GOSHALA, Earthworms, Gloria Bio-fertilizer BIOSOL, and Cow Breeding Project could be recovered in four years. We have to take into account only the increase in per acre production and saving of cost per acre. Out of the increase (that is, over and above normal production) they can keep a part of the amount towards an “Infrastructure Rotating Fund”. After four years, the money could be given to another group of farmers.

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