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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

Experience of Homa Therapy

By Sushil Mehta, Halyana, Himachal Pradesh

I am doing Homa since Nov. 2008 in my own farm. Earlier it was hard to believe that fruits will come out by enchanting some Mantras. But we wonted to know about it and started Homa. For two three month we found not much changes but when the blossom time came the Homa Farm felt different from others farms. We have three different farms. We are practicing Homa only on one farm all other farm are organic farms. This year the crop was only 20% of the last year crop because of the dry winter conditions. So I calculated that the effect of natural calamities was less on the Homa field. Now days I observe that the trees near the Homa Hut are showing good growth and fruits as compared to the far ones. Any one visiting the fields can observe such things with naked eyes. All these things happening now makes believe in ones mind that there is some energy behind all the Homa Fires which can not be seen but is helping the plants grow faster and healthier then on other non Homa Farms.

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