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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Change of Earth axis and rotation speed. To whom it may concern.

Dr. Ulrich Berk had sent this remark to us.
The rotational axis of the Earth is not perpendicular to the ecliptic, the orbital plane of our planet. There is an angle of about 23°26' (which is known as the "obliquity of the ecliptic". Because of this angle we have the four seasons and we have changing timings of sunrise and sunset throughout the year. Now, if this angle between Earth's axis and the ecliptic changes, then of course also timings of sunrise and sunset would change.
We have heard that because of the earthquake in Chile the axis of Earth was tilted by 8 cm.
The circumference of the Earth is app. 40.000 km which corresponds to 360°.
A tilt in earth's axis by 1° thus corresponds to 111.111 km (40.000 km divided by 360).
The 8 cm change we have now is 0.00000072° (1° divided by 11111100 cm multiplied by 8 cm).
This does not have an effect on the calculations but of course, we will monitor the situation, and we have to be prepared: If more such changes happen and if all of them shift the axis in same direction, a modification of our calculus could be necessary.
By the way, also the length of the day was changed by this earthquake: As the distribution of mass of the planet was altered the speed of rotation changed. But this change was only 1.26 microseconds, means 1.26 millionth part of a second.
This would result in a difference of one second in our Agnihotra timings only after 793650 days or more than 2000 years. So for at least 1000 years we could still use our old time-tables (then the half second could make a difference for rounding up).
We plan to locate exactly in our timings program where to make changes, if in future it will be necessary to do some adjustment.

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