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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Dunkelfeldstudien von Apfelproben aus Südtirol.

Vergleich zweier Biolandwirte aus Südtirol aus den Jahren 2009 und 2010. Ein Biobauer der nach herkömmlicher Methode anbaut und ein Biobauer der zusaetzlich Homa Therapie verwendet. Die oben gezeigten Dunkelfeldmikroskopiebilder zeigen den herkömmlichen Bioanbau, darunter die zwei Reihen zeigen den Anbau mit der Homa Therapie.
Comparison of two organic apple farms from Tirol. One who uses conventional organic farming the other uses Homa organic farming. The technology used is called dark field microscopy.

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