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We started Agnihotra Homa Therapy 1978. We have been doing Homa Farming in the Middle East and lecture on our personal experiences in Europe and Asia. Most impressive experience with this Technology was the miraculous healings we experienced on us,on our children, family members, friends and neigbours. On our farm we only used Agnihotra ash powder, Agnihotra Ash water solution and of course the regular performance of Agnihotra as well as other Homa Fires.Wonderful how easy this process is. Not much education required. It's simple and easy applicable in everyones busy life, because it just takes 5 to 10 minutes of our time, depend on the experience. We invite you: "Come join us and heal the world. God bless you."(Please note: articles published may not be of our opinion, but for the sake of comunication, education, exchange and discussion papers are posted here).

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

Bharatiya Satsang, October 1980, Vol.1 No.5

Prophet Mohammed, Prophet of Satya Dharama A Satsang reader has sent us the following verses from the ancient Arabic anthology SAYR-UL-UKUL with free English rendering. The composer is Labi bin Akhtab bin Turfa. The poet lived several centuries before Prophet Mohammed i.e. around 1800 B.C. We are further informed that the Arabic verses quoted here were among the most prized and were hung inscribed in letters of gold in the K’aba Shrine. The Verses are bardic tribute to Vedas and mention all the four Vedas by name i.e. RIG, YAJUR, SAMA, ATHARVA. Aya Muwarekak Araj Yushaiya Noha Minar Hind-e Wa Aradakallah Manyonaijail Jikaratun………………1 Wahalatjjali Yatun Ainana Sahabi Akha-a tun Jikra Wahjayhi Yonajjelur Minal Hinda tun………………………………………………….2 Yakuloonallaha Ya Ahlat Araj Alameem Kullahum Yonajjaylatun….3 Wahowan Almus SAM Wal YAJUR Minallahay Tanajeelan FA-e-noma Ya Akhiyo Muttabay-an Yobassheriyonajatun……4 Wa-isa-Nain Humar RIG-Athar Nasayhin Ka-a-khuwatun Wa Asanat Ala-udan Wabowa Masha-e-ratun…………………..5 Free English Rendering: Oh the Divine Land of Bharat….(how) very blessed art Thou Because Thou art the Chosen of Good blessed with Divine knowledge……….1 ….through the (utterances of) Indian Sages in fourfold abundance…….2 God enjoins on all humans follow with hands down The path the Vedas with His Divine precept..lay down…3 Bursting with ( Divine) knowledge are SAM and Yajur bestowed on Creation Hence brothers respect and follow Vedas…guides to salvation……..4 ……RIG-ATHARVA…. Shelterings under their lustre dispels darkness till eternity………5 The word Veda comes from the Sanskrit verb VID meaning to know. Hence Veda means knowledge. Sanskrit was nobody’s mother tongue at any time on earth. All languages have words coming from Sanskrit. There is not a single word in Sanskrit which has come from any other language. In this mother of languages knowledge was unfolded in the beginning in terms of four Vedas. This is the ancientmost thing known to man. Several sciences are given through Vedas. The Fivefold Path is the Satya Dharma given through Vedic knowledge for transforming man by ‘renewal of the mind’ which leads him to the state described as “Be thou perfect as my Father which is in Heaven is perfect.” Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya is the Fivefold Path.

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Bewustseintreff November 2011 in Murzhofen

Andreas lud zum Bewustseintreffen nach Murzhofen ein. Unser Thema was Heilung von Wasser mit Homa Feuer. Wir teilten auch unsere Reiseerlebnisse nach Japan Fukushima zur Emoto Prayer Ceremony im July mit den Teilnehmern, wo Agnihotra gemacht wurde.

Samstag, 26. November 2011

Selfe study cont....

Why is my life so difficult? Everything is so unfair. I am so miserable because….! No one understands me. This life is stupid. What a terrible world. People are animals, worst then that, etc. We all have thought similar thought one day. We all know the struggles sometime to be faced in a human life. Is there a way out? Good question. Or do we have to suffer until the end, until our last breath? Well, Lord Buddha said:” life is suffering.” He wanted to know the way out himself and started to examine the nature of life. He found an enlightened Guru who gave some initial guidance to him. We do not know the name but it is said that he came to Bhargava (Bhrugu) Ashram in a forest. I thing, yes, we all need guidance to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also think that it is exactly what we are ment to be for searching for that light. Certainly we all will get the guidance and will be shown the light. In the Bible it is stated:” Knock and it will be opened.” To look beyond that, what we call day to day struggles or businesses, to eagerly try to find the meaning the truth and purpose of our life that is our knocking. In ancient text of Patanjali, a saint of the past it is stated:” Tapa, Swadyaya, Ishwarapranidhanani…..” These are Sanskrit words for:” Self discipline, self study and total surrender to the divine (god).” What does he mean with that? We experience the world through our sense organs. Body skin, ear, eye and mouth, etc. With self discipline we can learn to get a little control about the effect the world has on our senses. We are not driven by the senses. We manage the senses. We know when to eat for example, how much to eat, when to stop eating. Similarly we know when to talk, what to talk and when to keep silence. All this we can learn by applying self discipline, self control. That at least gives us the feeling of been able to decide to be happy or not. But the decision is with us because we have mastered a bit of our sensations to the outside world. Great! Self study means to see myself in the entire picture of this world as one part of it. But what am I in the picture? What is my position? What is my nature? What I am? Who am I?...... That is a nice and exiting search. It is like going trekking…., well you see beautiful landscapes and sometimes you come across a wild animal which makes your frightened. But the direction of the search is within! We take the rout into the mind, into our inner selves. Like Lord Buddha, we close our eyes and start watching our selves. For that we are able to find numberless guidance through different spiritual schools; Franciscan, Benedictine and other Monasteries as well as Sufi, Buddhist and school of yogis. This is essential for our journey to happiness and contentment. Self study! Total surrender to the divine! Well first of all does something like that exist? Why did he say total surrender to the divine? He must have had the experience that this divine something, we may call it light, god, avatar, master, and saint, angel, etc. exist. Maybe it does not only exist; if we speak of existence we most probably look for something in a distance, outside…. Maybe this existence is within, this divinity is us, is actually that which makes us complete. “We are made in the image of thy father,” states the bible. In this context father refers too as god divine. Saints, mystics and hermits of all walks of life speak about similar experiences when they touch again the source of their existence within them self. What they refer too as self realization or god realization. To surrender to the divine paves the way to the divine within. Lord Jesus, while he was praying to the Lord gave a very important message to all of us:” Father, please let this cup pas by me, but not my will thy will be done.” (skt: Idam na ma ma). He knew about the torture and physical suffering he had to face. He was able to escape also, but he gave us the direction what it means “surrender to god”, the direction to perfect Love. The lives of most of us are not close to the suffering He had to take. Still some of us have very, very hart time to experience and want to get out! So, get out. Change your lifestyle, change our environment, and make the divine the center of your journey on this earth. Knock and it will be opened. Become simple and unattached. Leave your desires aside, leave likes and dislikes. Remember Jesus, Muhammad, Guru, Divine Mother and Saints!! Surrender to the Lord, surrender to the divine according to your understanding and believe. Love and Light.

Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Personal Swadhyaya – like to share it with you.

(In the name of God. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim) What is humility? Why is it so difficult to be humble? Humility is a state of mind – also it is a naturel state of mind, but as we grow from child to adulthood we lose more and more this blissful character for the tendency to control and to rule. It is easy to get back! Saints tell us: To “BE”! Not to judge! Not to complain! To be humble! All this may be clear and understandable but also difficult to understand. What does it mean? If we are able to understand it, do we really get it? What means to “BE”? Of course as I am aware that I am alive - I Am. Or do I miss something here? If I speak about I AM what do I refer too. What is I AM? Well, according to Saints ”I AM” is the ONE without a second. It is the ultimate realization of being divine, interconnected to everything. Yes, what does that mean? Am I crazy or out of mind to consider man been part of ALL and divine? What is divine? What is the why of our existence or the existence of that what we call creation? Watch, bless, accept! No need to fight……. My beloved Master said:” Be in the world, but not of the world.” This sentence is so deep, so meaningful. Every day to pray:” Divine grace not my will thy will be done, let me see with your eyes, let me speak with your words and let me listening with your love and understanding. May I realize and live Thy divine love. Humility is gratitude for every moment in live. Humility is to accept. Humility is to respect. Humility is to love thy neighbor as thyself. Humility is being ready to help, ready to listen, ready to support, and ready to BE. A humble man does not judge. “NOW”. “NOW” is the moment to BE. IT IS ONLY DIFFICULT TO BE HUMBLE AS LONG AS WE DO “WANT”. Leaving likes and dislikes and surrender with gratitude lead to our heart and into humility by nature, that what we are, our real nature, divine. OM SHREE

Freitag, 18. November 2011

Sheik Akal Beirut Lebnon with SHREE Vasant

We have visited Lebnon 199.? I can not recall the exact year. SHREE visited Druze. It is an ancient culture living in Jebbel el Druze, Shouf Mountains. I was very much impressed to learn about it. Similarities are there to SHREE'S message and the happenings today which I beleave are part of the prediction for the future as given in Druze culture.The time is now.

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Conservation with Agnihotra Ash

Cheese covered with Agnihotra Ash. Agnihotra Ash can be used also to preserve food, pickles, grains, conserves, dry foods etc. It helps to keep insects away.

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011


Agnihotra Agnihotra çok çok eski Veda bilimleri olan biyoenerji, tιp, tarιm ve iklim műhendisliğinin insanliğa bir armağanιdιr. Agnihotra, gűndoğumu/gűnbatιmιnιn bioritmine uyumlu olan bir bakir piramid kap içinde hazιrlanan ateşin aracιlιğι ile atmosferin saflaştιrιlmasι işlemidir. Agnihotra’nιn uygulanmasι ile zihindeki gerginliğin kaybolduğunun farkιna varacak ve huzuru deneyimlemeye başlayacaksιnιz. Agnihotra ortamιnda oturarak zihin, hiçbir çaba sarfetmeden yeniden őylesine gűzel ve incelikle şekillenir. Agnihotra’nın Etkileri Aşağιda Agnihotra ile ilgili olarak çok eski bilim geleneklerinde sőylenen bazι bilgileri bulacaksιnιz. Agnihotra anιnda bakιr Agnihotra piramidinin çevresinde muazzam bir enerji birikimi olur. Negatif enerjileri nőtr kιlan, pozitif enerjileri ise arttιran bir manyetik alan yaratιlιr. Bőylece kendi performansι ile Agnihotra yapan biri sayesinde pozitif bir dűzen yaratιlmiş olur. Agnihotra uygulandιğιnda, Agnihotra’nιn dumanι atmosferdeki zararlı radyasyon partikűllerini toplar ve bu radyoactif etkiyi çok ince bir dűzeyde nőtralize eder. Hiçbir Sey tahrip edilmemiş, yalnιzca değiştirilmiştir. Agnihotra ateşi yakιldιğιnda yalnιzca ateşin enerjisi yoktur, ayrιca ritmlerin ve mantralarιn yarattιğι ince enerjiler meydana gelir. Bu enerjiler ateş tarafιndan harekete geçirilir veya atmosferin içine itilirler. Ayrιca iyileşterici HOMA etkisinin tűműnűn içinde bulunduğu maddelerin niteliklerini de dűşűnűr. Birçok iyileştirici ernerji Agnihotra piramidinden yayιlιr. Agnihotra’nın Doğasι Agnihotra beyin hűcrelerini yeniler. Deriye hayatiyet kazandιrιr. Kanι temizler. Agnihotra yaşama bűtűnsel bir yaklaşιmdιr. Agnihotranιn hastalιğa yol açan bakterileri nőtralize etme yeteneği vardιr. Agnihotra ateşinde oturulup, teneffűs edilen dumanι hιzla ciğerlere ve kandolaşιmιna girer. Bunun dolaşιm sistemi űzerindeki műkemmel etkisi Agnihotra kűlűnűn yenilmesi halinde daha da artacaktιr. Bu dumanιn beyin ve sinir sistemi űzerinde çok iyi bir etkisi vardιr. Agnihotra ateş piramidinin titreşimlerinin sağlandιğι bir odaya bitkiler konulduğunda hassas algιlamaya sahip bir kimse bunlardaki bűyűmeyi, iletişimi vb. gőrebilir. Bitkiler Agnihotra atmosferinden beslenirler, mutlu ve sağlιkι olurlar. Agnihotra piramidi bitkileri beslediği gibi, aynι besini insan yaşamι ve hayvanlar için de sağlar. Gűneş, tűm koşullarι kirlenmeye karşι bir değişime geçirgen hale getiren enerjileri getirir veya gőtűrűr. Dűnyaya sűkunet verir. Piramit jeneratőr, ateş ise tűbűndűr. İnek gűbresi, sadeyağ (inek sűtűnden yapιlmιş, tereyağιn saflaştιrιlmiş hali) ve pirincin birbirlerini etkileyerek itme gűcű olan bileşimi meydana getirirler, ki bu maddeler ile bu yaşam, verim ve çoğalma için besin maddelerini temin eder. İşte Agnihotra’nιn atmosferi fiziki olarak iyileştirilmesi bu şekilde olur. Agnihotra uygulayan değişik din, dil ιrk ve ruhani gruplara ait tűm kιtalardaki binlerce insan yalnιzca gűnlűk HOMA ‘yι (yani gűndoğumu/gűnbatιmι Agnihotra’sι) uygulayarak kendilerinin adeta koruyucu bir tabakanın sardιğιnι hissetiklerini tespit etmişlerdir. Agnihotra İcin Malzemeler Piramit: Agnihotra için belirli boyutlarda bir bakιr piramide ihtiyaç vardιr. Bakιr bir iletkendir. Sabah Agnihotrasιnda elektriki gűçler, enerjiler, eterler bu piramit trafından cezbedilirler. Gűnbatιmında bu enerjiler aynι biçimde dışarı itilirler. Pirinç: Kahverengi pirinç olmalιdιr, zira parlatιlmιş pirinç besin değerini yitirmiştir. Agnihotra için yalnιzca kιrılmamiş pirinç tanecikleri kullanιlmalιdιr. Kιrιk pirinç taneciğinde hassas enerji yapιsι bozulmuş olacağιndan Agnihotra’nın iyileştirici ateşi için uygun değildir. Sadeyağ (Arιtιlmiş Tereyağ): Katιşιksιz ve saf, inek sűtűnden yapιlmιş tereyağιnι kιsιk ateş űzerinde ιsιtιnιz. Bazι beyaz katι parçacιklar erimişyağιn yűzeyine çιktιktan sonra bu yağι ince sűzgeçten geçirin. Sűzgeçten geçen madde arιtιlmιş tereyağιdιr (sadeyağ). Bu yağ soğutulmaksιzιn uzun sűre dayanabilir. Sadeyağ tιbbi őzelliğe sahip bir maddedir. Agnihotra ateşi ile kullanιldιğιnda hassas enerjiler için bir taşιyιcι gőrevi yapar. Bu maddenin bűnyesinde gűçlű enerjiler saklιdιr. Kurutulmuş İnek Tezeği: Bir ineğin dişi veya erkek yavrusunun tezeğini alιn. Bu tezekten kűçűk, ince ve yassι şekiller yapιp bunlarι gűneşte kurutun. Agnihotra ateşi bu, kurutulmuş tezekle hazιrlanacaktιr. İnek tezeği Amerika yerlileri, İskandinavlar, Batι Avrupa, Afrika ve Asya’nιn çok eski kűltűrleri tarafιndan tιbbi bir madde gibi değerlendirimiştir. Agnihotra Ateşi Nasιl Hazιrlanιr: Bakır piramidin tabanιna bir parça dűz, kurutulmuş tezek yerleştirin. Űzerlerine sadeyağ sűrűlműş diğer tezek parçacιklarιnι da piramidin içine aralarιndan hava geçebilecek şekilde yerleştirin. Kűçűk bir parça tezeğe sadeyağ sűrűp ateşleyin. Yaktιğιnιz bu kűçűk tezek parçaιnι piramidin içine yerleşterin. Az sonra piramidin içindeki diğer tezekler de tutuşacaktιr. Ateşi canlandιrmak için kűcűk bir el yelpazesi kullanabilirsiniz. Ancak ağιzdaki bakterilerin ateşe geçmemesi için ateşe doğrudan nefesinizle űflemeyin. Ateşi yakmak için mineral yağ veya benzeri maddeler kullanmayιnιz. Gűndoğumu ve gűnbatιmιnda piramidin içinde canlι bir alev yanmalιdιr. Agnihotra İşlemi Bir tutam pirinci bir kaba veya sol elinizen avuç içine alιn ve bunlara biraz sadeyağ sűrűn. Tam gűndoğumunda birinci Mantra’yι sőyleyiniz ve SWAHA sőzcűğűnden sonra pirincin birazιnι (parmak uçlarιnιzla tutabileceğiniz kadarι yeterlidir) ateşe atιnιz. Sabah Agnihotrasι bu şekilde tamamlanιr. Zamanlamayι kaçιracak olursanιz yapιlan Agnihotra olmaz ve ne atmosferde ne de kűlde iyileştirici etki elde edilemez. Her Agnihotra’dan sonra metitasyon için olduğunca zaman ayιrmaya çalιşιn. En azιndan ateş kendi kendine sőnene kadar oturabilirsiniz. Agnihotra teskin edici ve iyileştirici atmosfer yaratιr. Bir sonraki Agnihotra’dan őnce ateşinzin kűlűnű toplayιp bunu cam veya toprak bir kap içinde muhafaza ediniz. Bu kűl bitkiler için veya bazι tűr ilaç yapιmιnda kullanιlabilir. Mantralar Her yerde bulunan bazι titreşimler vardιr. Dűşűnűlecek olursa zaten yalnιzca titreşimlerdir olan. Titreşimin olduğu yerde ses de vardιr. Bu Mantra’larι sőylediğimizde çιkardιğιmιz sesker belirli etkilerin ortamιnι yaratacak olan őzel titreşimleri harekete geçirir. Bőylece arzu edilen sonuçlar gerçekleştirilir. Bu titreşimler herşey için vardιr,bőylece Mantra’larla herhangi birşey harekete geçirilebilir, kontrol edilebilir veya değiştirilebilir. Agnihotra yaparkenMantra’nιn Agnihotra piramidi içine saf bir zihinle sőylenmesi ile kűl bu enerjiyi muhafaza eder ve kűlűn iyileştirici őzellikleri daha gűçlű olur. Agnihotra Mantralarι Gűndoğumunda 1. Suriyaya Swaha, Suriyaya İdam na mama (Pirinc ilk yarιsı katιlιr) 2. Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye İdam na mama (Pirincin ikinci yarιsι katιlιr) Gűnbatιmιnda 1. Agnaye Swaha, Agnaje İdam na mama (Pirinc ilk yarιsı katιlιr) 2. Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye İdam na mama (Pirincin ikinci yarιsι katιlιr) Daha çok Bilgi almak için lűtfen aşağidaki adrese baş vurunuz: Reiner bey: homa.organic.farming@gmail.com Bayan Gűnesin Aydemir: gunesinaydemir@gmail.com Fon:+90 (0) 5467445116

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

Atmosferi Arıtın (Turkish)

Atmosferde olan değişiklikler, bizi kavranyan ve evrenle ilişkimizi salayan yaşam enerjisi PRANA’ yi etkiler. PRANA ve zihin, bir paranın iki yűzűne benzetilebilir be bu şekilde etki zihin alemine geçer. Atmosferin kirlenmesi insan zihnine ağır bir yűk koymuştur. Bunun sonuçları hızla artan hastalıklar, psikolojik rahatsızlıklarda ve bozuk insan ilşkilerinde gőrűlebilir. Doğa kirliliği esasen biolojik bir kavramdır. Doğa kirliğin tesiri hastalıklarda gőrűlűr. Mutlu bir rhu hali için fiziksel çevrede bir ahenk gereklidir. Teknolojinin istismarı, biotik çevreyi zedelemiştir. Radyoaktif yağmurlar űreme devreleri bozmuştur. Gűrűltű, ozon tabakasının zedelenmesine katkıda bulunmuştur. insan, mikro-organizmalar, bitkiler ve hayvanlar bir yaşam birliği oluştururlar. Ekolojik sistemde herhangi bir zedelenme dűnyanın enerji dolaşımını bozar. Atmosferi arıtın ve enerji dolaşımının tekrar dűzene girmesini sağlayın. Ama nasıl? AGNİHOTRA, doğanın gűneş doğuş ve batış dőngűsű ile ilgili Veda bioenerjik bilime dayanan bir uygulamadır. AGNİHOTRA, atmosferi temizleyen ve zihindeki gerginliği gidirerek mutlu bir ruh halini yaratan basit bir uygulamadır. AGNİHOTRA, bitkisel hayatı besler ve dűnyadaki su kaynakların gűneş enerjisini emmesi için imkan sağlar. Kuzey ve Gűney Amerika ve Avrupanın birçok zzulkelerinde binlerce aile her gűn AGNİHOTRA uyguluyorlar. AGNİHOTRA hastaliğa eğilimi azaltır. Toprak, su ve hava kirliliği birçok insanlar için hayatı çekilmez kılıyor. insanlar hastalığa, sinir bozuklukluğa, zihin dağınıklığa karşı ne yapacaklarını bilemiyorlar. Hastaneler ve bakım evleri kapasitelerini doldurdular. AGNİHOTRA onlari kurtarabilir. AGNİHOTRA ten, beden ve zihin için iyidir. Bu dűnyada binlerce insanın deneyidir. AGNİHOTRA DŰZENLİ UYGULANDIĞINDA. ATMOSFERE OLDUĞU KADAR İNSANLARA DA BŰYŰK BİR ŞİFA GŰCŰ İLETİR. AGNİHOTRA TIBBİDIR. Mutlu bir yaşam için somut bir yardımcı aracıdır. Almanya’da “AGNİHOTRA USTA” eczacılık adı altında AGNİHOTRA kűlűnden ilaç, merhem, losyon, kapsűl, supozituvar, gőz losyonu, v.s. hazırlanmakdadır. Eğer ilgileniyorsanız ve atmosheri arıtma konusu, AGNİHOTRA hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek istiyorsanız bu bilgi size karşılık talep etmeden verilir. Aşağıdaki adrese műracaat edebilirsiniz: Reiner bey: homa.organic.farming@gmail.com Bayan Gűnnesin Aydemir: gunesinaydemir@gmail.com Fon: 05467445116 Bioenerjik Vedik bilime goğada gűneş doğuşu ve batışı ili ilgili dőngű sistemi şőyle açıklar: “GŰN DOĞARKEN, GŰNEŞTEN YAYILAN ATEŞLER, ELEKTRIKLER, ETERLER VE DAHA ESNEK ENERJİLER, YOL BOYUNCA DŰNYA’YA DAĞILIR VE GŰNEŞİN AYNI ANDA DOĞDUĞU BELİRTİLEN YERLERDE BİR SEL ETKİSİ YAPAR. KORKU VERİCİ BİR ŞEYDİR BU. SEL, YOLU ŰZERİNDEKİ HER ŞEYİ CANLANDIRIP ARITIR, TEMİZ OLMAYAN NE VARSA YOK EDER. BU YAŞAM TAŞIYAN ENERJİLER SELİ TŰM CANLILARI SEVİNCE BOĞAR. GŰNEŞ DOĞARKEN EZGİYİ DUYABİLİRSİNİZ. SABAH AGNİHOTRA MANTRASI BU EZGİNİN ŐZŰDŰR. O SELİN ŐZLŰ SESİDİR. GŰNEŞ BATARKEN SEL GERİ ÇEKİLİR.”

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Homa Therapy Program in association with Bugday Denergi Istanbul

Bugday Dernegi (Association) invited for a Homa Therapy presentation on Radioactivity. The program started with evening Agnihotra and ended with question and answer session. Thanks to Gunnur and Tugay who provided there place for the meeting. Also thanks to the Bugday team who is doing such a great work in Turkey for the health food market section, the preservation of culture and creating public awareness how important it is to preserve nature. The following day Mrs. Melda Keskin invited to Acik Radio for an interview. The interview was in english - turkish.

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Radio Interview in Istanbul 3.10.2011

We had an interview at Acik Radio with Mrs.Melda Keskin (click here for listening). After the program we attended a speech by John Perkins who spoke about the importance to change the world in terms of prosperity for all the people. Food and shelter and health care shall not be a privilege to a few. Compassion, love and global oneness were also addressed.

Freitag, 9. September 2011

Future Global Vision

As is in Macro cosmos so in Micro cosmos, endlessness. We may view into micro cosmos we never see the end. We may view into macro cosmos equally we can’t see the end.
When we reach for a goal we will realize that the goal is actually the point from where we are going to start.
There is no separation between goal and point from where to start. It is the same. Everything is right here. We may move or we may remain still. It does not matter. It is right here and now, independent from any location. It is always with us here and now.
What is it?
It is the One without a second. It is the eternal, immortal, unborn ever present. It is the One with many names but nameless. It is past and future, but in the present moment. It is the indifferent, the ALL at the same time.
It is the state of a Mahayogi, the experience of the infinite within us and around us, it is the One without duality, ALL.
The impression of the world we perceive now is with a dualistic mind set, but will be experienced as part of us as total unity, Oneness.
The future world vision is the vision of countless Buddha’s united in One without a second in an age (era) called Satya Yug, soon.
In LTDP by SHREE Vasant ji Paranjpe it is stated ‘that you may look from your own window at the dept of the water, you will get to know that the dept is the same from what ever window you look into. The Kingdom of Light is within you.’
At the point where all differentiation stops we experience Bliss Eternal. The beauty is that All are steering into the same direction. We can not escape. Libration, realization, oneness is our ALL destiny. All love..

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Flash Back, 2009 H.H.the Venerable Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche attended Agnihotra

We had the opportunity to meet His Excellency in a private audience and shared Homa Therapy with him. We were able to address several field of application, but main focus was on Agriculture and Forestry: how to protect nature and environment with Homa. The Venerable Samdhong Rinpoche blessed the evening Agnihotra session with His presents. There is a quotation in ancient Pali script, Suttanipat 568. It is mentioned there:” Aggihutta Mukho Yanjah”, (Agnihotra is the Chief among Yajnyas).

Biography of Samdhong Rinpoche

Samdhong Rinpoche was born as Lobsang Tenzin in 1939, in the Tibetan province of Kham. At age five, he was recognized and enthroned as the reincarnation of the fourth Samdhong Rinpoche. (The Tibetan term "Rinpoche" in an honorific title literally meaning "precious one," and is used for revered teachers and lamas.) He began his monastic studies at age 12 and eventually obtained a Doctorate in Buddhist sciences at the University of Drepung in Tibet in 1970. In 1959, Rinpoche fled to India to escape the repressive Chinese government in Tibet. There, he was commissioned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to serve as a teacher to monks in exile. He was appointed director of the Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies in Varanasi in 1988 and remained there until 2001. On July 29, 2001, Rinpoche was named Kalon Tripa, or Prime Minister of the Tibetan Exile Government, the first political leader to be directly elected by the people in exile.

Freitag, 26. August 2011

MScThesis on Agnihotra to CSK HP Krishi Vishvavidyalaya (University),Palampur


Dr. Punam Directorate of Extension Education
Extension Specialist (Agro forestry) CSK HP Krishi Vishvavidyalaya,
Palampur-176062 (HP)INDIA

An experiment entitled “Evaluation of Environment Healing -Homa Farming “Agnihotra” activity in Organic Farm” was conducted in 3 experimental studies during 2008-09. The objective of the research work was to work out the relationship of Agnihotra timings, different base mediums, offerings and mantras with the nutrients / agrochemicals in the Agnihotra ash.
First study consisted of 24 treatments comprising of all possible combinations of activity timings and Agnihotra apparatus. Second study also consisted of 24 treatments having combinations of activity timings and Agnihotra offerings. Third study consisted of 12 treatments having combinations of activity timings and chanting of mantras. The studies were laid out in Completely Randomized Design with three replications.
Ash samples collected after every Agnihotra activity were analyzed for ash colour and chemical parameters i.e., pH, OC, S, P, K, Ca, Mg and micronutrients. The salient findings obtained from the studies have been summarized in this chapter.
6.1. Study 1-Effect of Activity Timings and Different Agnihotra Mediums on Physical and Chemical Parameters of Agnihotra Ash
1 The colour of the ash was found to be grey when dry and black when moist.

2 Agnihotra ash was alkaline in nature.

3 Nutrients / agrochemicals (P, Ca, Mg and Mn) and OC in ash were significantly higher when Agnihotra was performed at standard timings irrespective of the nature of pyramids.

4 When timings were changed w.r.t. standard time, then the effect was not significant on the concentration of nutrients / agrochemicals irrespective of the nature of pyramids in ash.

5 Significantly higher concentration of OC and nutrients / agrochemicals (K and Cu) was found in copper pyramid irrespective of activity timings.

6 When medium of the Agnihotra pyramid was changed w.r.t. standard pyramid i.e., copper then there was no significant effect on the concentration of rest of the nutrients / agrochemicals in ash irrespective of activity timings.

7 Interaction effect of activity timings and different pyramids had significant effect only on the concentrations of OC and Cu. In ash, OC was significantly higher when Agnihotra was performed at standard time in standard medium i.e., copper. The significantly higher concentration of Cu was obtained when Agnihotra was performed in copper pyramid at half an hour after standard timings.

6.2. Study 2 – Effect of Activity Timings and Different Offerings on Physical and Chemical Parameters of Agnihotra Ash
1 The colour of the ash was found to be grey in dry and black in moist ash.

2 Agnihotra ash was alkaline in nature.

3 Mg and Zn contents in ash were significantly higher when Agnihotra was performed at standard timings i.e., exact sunrise and sunset time irrespective of offerings.

4 Activity timings had no significant effect on the concentration of rest of the nutrients / agrochemicals except in Ca, Cu and OC. Significantly higher concentrations of Ca and Cu were obtained at half an hour before standard timings and in case of OC at half an hour before and after standard timings irrespective of offerings.

5 Significantly higher concentration of OC, K, P, Cu and Zn were found in ash with standard offering i.e., cow dung + ghee + rice grains irrespective of activity timings.

6 When offerings were changed w.r.t. standard offering, there was no significant effect on the concentration of rest of the nutrients / agrochemicals in ash.

7 Interaction effect of different activity timings and different offerings on the concentration of nutrients / agrochemicals in ash was not significant except in case of Cu, Zn and OC. In case of Cu, significantly highest concentration was recorded at half an hour before standard timings with cow dung + ghee offering, whereas, Zn concentration was significantly high at half an hour before standard timings with cow dung + ghee + rice grains offering. In case of OC, significantly higher concentration was obtained when Agnihotra was performed at half an hour after standard timing with standard offering i.e., cow dung + ghee + rice grains

6.3. Study 3 - Effect of Activity Timings and Chanting of Mantras on Physical and Chemical Parameters of Agnihotra Ash
1 The colour of the ash was found to be grey when dry and black when moist.

2 Agnihotra ash was alkaline in nature.

3 Concentrations of OC and nutrients / agrochemicals (Mg, Fe, Mn and Cu) in ash were significantly higher when Agnihotra was performed at standard timings irrespective of chanting of mantras.

4 When timings were changed w.r.t. standard time, then the effect was not significant on the concentration of nutrients / agrochemicals in ash irrespective of chanting of mantras.

5 Concentration of nutrients / agrochemicals (Mg, P, Fe and Cu) in ash was significantly higher when Agnihotra was performed with chanting of mantras irrespective of activity timings but in rest of the nutrients / agrochemicals and OC, effect of chanting of mantras was not significant.

6 The interaction effect of different activity timings and chanting of mantras revealed that chanting of mantras and activity timings had no significant effect on the concentration of all the nutrients / agrochemicals (except Cu) and OC in Agnihotra ash. Cu in ash was significantly higher when Agnihotra was performed at standard time with chanting of mantras.

From the present study it can be concluded that

1. When Agnihotra was performed at exact timings in copper pyramid using standard offerings, it was found that Agnihotra ash was alkaline in nature and comprised of OC(11.1 g/kg), P(17.17 g/kg), S(0.60 g/kg), K(46.15 g/kg), Ca(13.17 g/kg), Mg(0.92 g/kg), Fe(3.91 g/kg), Mn(0.96 g/kg), Cu(0.61 g/kg), Zn(0.26 g/kg).

2 When individual effect of activity timings, different mediums, different offerings and chanting of mantras was taken into account, then maximum concentration of majority of important nutrients / agrochemicals for crop and soil was obtained in Agnihotra ash at standard timings, in standard pyramid i.e., copper, in standard offering i.e., cow dung + ghee + rice grains and with chanting of mantras.

3 There was no significant relationship of activity timings, mediums, offerings and chanting of mantras with the concentrations of nutrients / agrochemicals in the Agnihotra ash.

4 In Homa farming, Agnihotra ash known for its fertilizing as well as plant protecting quality does not seem to have its effect on the soil crop exclusively because of the nutrients / agrochemicals present in it but may be because of the subtle energies entrapped in it which purify the atmosphere.


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Montag, 22. August 2011

Peru. A wonderful example of Arc of Fire

Jessica Auza has created with so much love and dedication this beautiful refuge in the jungle of Peru. Congratulation. We hope your project will find many following. We hope you have a wondeful life.

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Agnihotra at the office of Dr. Emoto in Tokio

Agnihotra is the most easiest technology to combat pollution and heal the Earth at its coeur. Healing in fact goes even beyond the realms which we are able to perceive. You start Agnihotra at your own home and just believe what you experience. Mind you: Research work needs some time.Sometime it also takes time to get to feel, to get to yourself. Stay on and do not give up to fast. Better you leave expectations and just try to be in the moment. Give in to the here and now. Just be! I do it more then 33 years. Love and Light

Ghee (clarified butter, gereinigter Butterschmalz)

Ghee (clarified butter, gereinigter Butterschmalz)
Ghee ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil von Agnihotra Sonnenauf und - untergangsfeuer.
Zur Herstellung im Haushalt wird Butter vorsichtig erhitzt und für etwa 30 Minuten flüssig gehalten. Dabei setzt sich das geronnene Eiweiß im Schaum und am Boden ab, das Wasser verdunstet. Durch Abschöpfen des Schaumes, anschließendes Abgießen und/oder Filtern wird die Butter geklärt. Aus 1 kg Butter kann man so etwa 700 g Butterreinfett gewinnen.
Auf 100 Gramm bezogen enthält es 99,8 Gramm Butterfett, darunter zu 29 Prozent einfach und 4,6 Prozent mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren. Den Rest machen Cholesterin (278 mg), Wasser (100 mg), fettlösliche Vitamine (A: 0,93 mg, D: 1,6 µg und E: 2,4 mg) und Carotin: (0,53 mg) aus.
Es gibt verschiedene Methoden Ghee herzustellen. (siehe dazu die Webseite: wikipedia.org)
Ghee ist auch Grundlage für die ayurvedische Reinigungskur Panchakarma (sprich: Panschakarma). Hier ist es in der Lage, selbst jahrzehntealte fettlösliche Schlacken und Schwermetall-Ablagerungen aus dem Körper zu entfernen.
In den ayurvedischen Schriften wird eine feine Lebenskraft beschrieben, Ojas (sprich: Odschas) genannt, die eine Verbindung zwischen dem feinstofflichen und feststofflichen Körper herstellt. Je mehr Ojas vorhanden ist, desto mehr sind gute Gefühle, Freude, Glück, eine gute Ausstrahlung und ein erweitertes Bewusstsein möglich. Von allen Lebensmitteln soll Ghee den höchsten Gehalt an Ojas haben.
Beim Verbrennen von Ghee werden die enthaltenen Wirkstoffe in die Atmosphäre freigesetzt. Es entstehen feine Düfte, welche geistige und seelische Spannungen lösen können. Die stark reinigende Eigenschaft von Ghee kommt ebenfalls zum Tragen.
Es wird gesagt, dass je älter Ghee wird, je medizinischer, heilsamer wird seine Wirkung. Es gibt verfahren, die helfen den Alterungsprozess des Ghee zu beschleunigen.
Das Ghee auf dem Foto oben ist um die 200 Jahre alt.
Ghee is an important ingredient for Agnihotra sunrise and sunset fire.
Ghee is made by simmering unsalted butter in a cooking vessel until all water has boiled off, the milk solids (or protein) have settled to the bottom, and a froth has floated on top. After removing the froth, the cooked and clarified butter is then spooned off or tipped out carefully to avoid disturbing the milk solids on the bottom of the pan, then filtered and stored. Ghee can be stored for extended periods without refrigeration.
Like any clarified butter, ghee is composed almost entirely of fat; the nutrition facts label found on cow's ghee indicates eight mg. of cholesterol per teaspoon. Ghee is very high in Vitamin A and Vitamin D content. It can be supportive for eye and bone health. Ghee helps the absorption of not only vitamins and minerals but also phytonutrients. (see Website: wikipedia.org).
It is said the elder the Ghee the more medicinal, healing it becomes.
The Ghee shown in the picture is around 200 years old.

Freitag, 5. August 2011

More on Agnihotra - radioactivity

Agnihotra and Radioactivity

One Eastern European scientist said:
“Normally scientists will not understand easily how radioactivity can be neutralised by doing AGNIHOTRA. They always think of burning something as a chemical process only. But if it is only a chemical process then the nuclei of the atoms are not changed. Therefore radioactivity is not affected at all.
In the last few years there were some articles on so-called ‘Cold Fusion’ where under quite normal conditions in laboratories atoms were fused. Most scientists do not believe that this might be possible. However, these reports were correct. In the Agnihotra process there is also something like cold fusion. This explains how radioactivity can be eliminated. The brainwaves of a person sitting near Agnihotra have an impact on the flame. If you measure the frequencies of the flame by some optical methods we could get something like EEG without even touching that person.”


After the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, a meeting was held in Munich, between Sientists of former Soviet Union and what was then West Germany. The presentation was made by Soviet Scientists.
Some of the things discussed were as follows:

We have confirmed that the Agnihotra ash is the only absolute pure substance which can work directly against radioactivity. It's working on a very simple principle. Our body is not able to recognize different elements like for example atoms of iron, and even less if they are radioactive or not. For example I eat an iron atom with my food and my body is not able to recognize it. When my body is filled with non-radioactive elements, then all that is coming in from any radioactive element will be thrown out; that is the principle of metabolism. Be it caesium, iron or any other element. We need caesium every day, iodine too, but when I take this same non-radioactive elements before, through the intake of Agnihotra ash, radioactive elements will not stay in the body; they come in and go out again! That means that from the Agnihotra ash we can make tablets and they act against radioactivity! Each scientist must say yes to this possibility! But the cow dung, the ghee, the rice, all the substances used for Agnihotra process should not be radioactive. I know that in India and in Australia these substances are not polluted. We should start to produce Agnihotra ash tablets, either in India or in Europe, but with non-radioactive substances. This must be done in mass scale! I'm sorry to say that we shall start this as a "business", but is for helping humanity! Chernobyl was very dangerous, but today it's even more dangerous. Before the radioactive elements were in the air - now they are in the soil.... Europe is suffering! Children don't have enough non-radioactive elements. Of course the TVs, newspapers and radios don't speak about the real situation, but the scientists and experts know that it's very dangerous. Every day becomes more and more difficult. Again I say that we must produce Agnihotra ash tablets! In the Agnihotra ash there are 92 elements! We have to check the elements that are in the ash. Then we have to know how is the quality and the amount of each of these elements within the ash and how much Agnihotra ash a man needs for his daily dose. The main point is, that the elements of Agnihotra ash have not become radioactive. All medical medicine, every tablet, vitamin, etc. are radioactive, especially in Europe. So the two important points are, that Agnihotra ash contains more elements than any tablet known up to now and secondly, the conventional tablets are radioactive and Agnihotra ash is not radioactive! An example: the cow takes 92 elements when she eats grass and during the whole cycle 92 elements go out daily. So 92 elements go in, 92 go out and within the cow there also remain 92 elements all the time. That is the cycle. The same happens with every animal. It is only a difference in the concentration of the elements. Cows, men and goats have quite a similar concentration of these elements. When we take the product of a cow, what comes out has all the 92 elements! A cow is like a factory producing ghee and cowdung! Ghee has about 90% carbon. It is very rare, to find such an amount of carbon in any substance. The analysis of the Agnihotra ash will show if there is some radioactive carbon in the ghee. After the burning of the ghee it is not an organic material anymore. It becomes again a mineral substance. The mineral is again prepared to be returned to the earth. The burning process can take place by Agnihotra. The input and output weight are the same. Both cannot undergo any change. The atomic weight of the carbon is 6, and it does not change. You can burn it, you can feed a cow with it, or give it to a person, it always has the same weight. Here the scientists think in a different way. They think it is not the same if carbon is going through a man’s or a cow’s body, the weight remains the same, but within the carbon there are some subatomic particles. The physicist has found - beside protons, neutrons and electrons - about 2223 subatomic particles, but science does not know what to do with them. Why they are like that, nobody knows.

Haber on Radioactivity

In physiological terms the body constantly exchanges all its elements (not cells). There are only some exceptions, like the lenses of the eyes and some parts of the nervous system. The mechanism of this exchange of elements in the body is not exactly known. For this exchange the body constantly needs elements like calcium, copper, iron etc. As long as these elements are not radioactive the body functions normally. Our body can deal well with the natural radioactivity which has been existing since millions of years on this planet. However, since the Chernobyl accident we are dealing with a much increased manmade radioactivity. Many radioactive elements like Caesium, Iodine, Ferric etc. have fallen onto this earth. The half-life period of these isotopes is rather high for some of them. They went from the air into the earth, from there into our food – salads vegetables, fruits. Through our food we absorb radioactive elements. This is because our body cannot distinguish whether an element is radioactive or not, and thus it absorbs the element without selection. Once a radioactive element is stored in the body it radiates all the time (like a lighthouse) and destroys the cells in its surroundings. The body reacts with an infection (with luck the radioactive element is thereby thrown out of the body) or it reacts with a tumor, with cancer.
How can we avoid the absorption of radioactive elements into our body? The answer is simple - we have to give the body each element in a natural (non-radioactive) form. Once the body is saturated with these elements, any radioactive versions of these elements thereafter are not absorbed by the body any longer. It very quickly gets rid of them. The newly absorbed non-radioactive elements will by and by replace the radioactive substances which we had absorbed in earlier time and which our body had stored.
Now where do we get these non-radioactive elements from in order to protect our body? The experiment that was conducted some time ago has shown that the Agnihotra ash (which at the time was produced by about 40 participants according to special directions of Mister Haber) was not radioactive, even though the ingredients were radioactive. (Till now we do not have an explanation of how this is possible – but the measurements of this effect were very clear.)
How this mechanism of changing radioactive elements into non-radioactive elements works we do not yet understand. It cannot be explained neither by modern chemistry nor by physics. But the result has been tested several times with always the same outcome: The Agnihotra ash just had natural radioactivity.
Also the Agnihotra ash contains all the 92 natural chemical elements. In this way the body’s total requirement can be covered.
Therefore it is suggested to everybody to eat say a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash before every meal. Most important is in the morning. An easier way would be to make tablets from the ash which can easily be taken (as people are used to take tablets).
Mr. Haber stated that it will be necessary to produce big quantities of Agnihotra ash, he said: “in barrels”.

But also plants should get Agnihotra ash because the face the same problem of radioactivity.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Fivefold Path Sanctuary Tapovan, India

Since 11 year non stop Tryambakam Yajnya is performed at Tapovan, District Jalgaon, India. At sunset more then 20 Agnihotra fires are lit daily. This place started 15 years ago as a dessert and became a oasis and recreation center for people from all around the world. Plants grow strong and pest free. Birds meet in concert every day. Harmony and love is all around.
Anne, Bruce, Sanjay and team are the heart of Tapovan. It is due to there dedication that we have this wonderful health resort today.

Montag, 1. August 2011

Evening Agnihotra at Onahama, Fukushima, Japan 24th July 2011

How wonderful to meet people all over the world who's concern and aim is to spend their live to heal and serve mother earth and its inhabitants. We are one big family and what ever we do, where ever we are it is to fill all the spheres with love and gratitude.

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Agnihotra at Fukushima 2011, 25th July

Agnihotra was performed in Onahama Fukushima, Japan

Healing ceremony at Fukushima by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto invited to take action for the purification of Fukushima. He is the messager of water. Tiredless in his effort to rise the awarness of the people to show how important it is to purify water, to heal oneself with water and to care for our water resourses. In his speech he said:" he believes that Agnihotra heals the water in the soil and in the atmophere, that the Agnihotra smoke can protect cows and fodder which is effected by radioactivity today in Fukushima.

Fivefold Path Mission India is equaly tiredless in its efford to purify the elements of this planet with the saving grace of Agnihotra Homa. Now it is very important for the nuclear experts to look at Agnihotra closer and give full attention to it. It is stated:" Agnihotra ash totally solves the radiation problem even more so it negates its effect". (Our last chance pp. 22-23)

"When Agnihotra is performed, the smoke gathers harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level neutralizes their radioactive effect. (Our last Chance pp.26)

People in Fukushima need protection even more so people around the world. It is the duty of the scientific community to give them tools and knowledge to protect themselfs. Fivefold Path Mission is at your service. We can show you Homa Therapy Technology. Life is presious. It is the life as whole which is threatened by radiation.

Love and gratitude to Dr. Emota and his stuff to creat awareness to help.

Also Love and gratitude to all the people around the world who are already involved in healing activities for our mother earth.

Hier der Link zur Zeremonie: http://emotopeaceproject.blogspot.com/

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Liebe Freunde Dear Friends
Als erstes möchte ich mich vom ganzen Herzen für Ihre wundervolle Hilfe für Japan bedanken.
Durch Ihre Hilfe konnten wir vielen Menschen in Not in Japan helfen und unterstützen!Mit diesem Brief möchte ich Sie ebenfalls über unsere Zeremonie in Fukushima / Japan informieren.
Die Zeremonie findet im Land der aufgehenden Sonne während dem Sonnenaufgang des 25 Juli 2011 von 4:00 – 6:00. Agnihotra will be app: 4.41 a.m.
(Beginn eines neuen Jahres im Maya Kalender) statt.
Sie finden nähere Informationen im Anhang (deutsch, englisch und spanisch) oder besuchen Sie die blogspot Site von Masaru Emoto unter: http://emotopeaceproject.blogspot.com/.
BITTE nehmen Sie von Ihrem Ort aus teil und senden uns Ihre Gedanken und Gebete.

First of all I would like to thank you from all my heart for your wonderful support.
Due to your help we were able support and help many people in need in Japan!
With this letter I would like to inform you about our ceremony in Fukushima / Japan.

The ceremony takes place in the country of the rising sun during sun rise between 4:00 and 6:00 on 25th of July 2011. Agnihotra will be at app: 4.41 a.m.
(Beginning of a new year according to the Maya calendar)

Please reed the attached files (English, German Spanish) or visit Mr Masaru Emoto’s blogspot: http://emotopeaceproject.blogspot.com/.
PLEASE join us from your place with your thoughts and prayers.

In Liebe und Dankbarkeit With Love and Thanks

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Healing with holy water

Dr. Masaru Emoto invites all of us to be part of world healing event 25th July. Please add as much Agnihotra ashes as possible to any body of water on that day and perform Homa or Agnihotra at a stream or spring or at the ocean.Join in "Heal the Earth".

Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Einladung in Energie Reich Bruck a.d. Mur

Rosemarie lud ein in Ihr Energie Reich. Ihre Meditation war inspiriert durch Meditation nach Werner Neuner. Als Anlehnung wurde die Venusblume genommen um ins Zentrum der Herzensliebe zu finden. Als Abschluss haben wir alle gemeinsam Agnihotra erlebt. Grossen Dank. OM und Segen

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Agnihotra, Heilung der Erde in Allerheiligen, Austria

Silvia und Andreas luden zu einem wunderbaren come together Abend in "Die Stube" nach Allerheiligen ein um Agnihotra mit Ihren Freunden zu teilen. Neue Feuer wurden entzundet und vielleicht entsteht daraus ein neuer Kreis von Heiler mit Feuer oder Feuerheiler. Danke.

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

3. Regenbogenfestival in Seeboden Austria

Das Regenbogenteam Anette, Petra, Heidi und mehr haben in diesem Jahr wieder eingeladen zu einem Treffen fuer den Frieden, dem Verstaendniss und zum Umdenken.... Finde den Zugang zu Deiner Mitte, in Dein Herz, dort wo Du mit Gott vereint bist, in Deinem Frieden. Raus aus dem Interlekt in die Zuversicht und Freiheit der Herzensliebe. dort gibt es keine Angst und wir erfahren unseren Weg des lebendigen Dienstes an Gott und die Schoepfung, sprich: Natur und alle Lebewesen und darueber hinaus.

Danke fuer dieses tolle Festival.

Wie mache ich Agnihotra (english: how to do Agnihotra by Bruce Johnson)

Wonderful teaching tape. Ein wunderbares Lehrvideo.


Agnihotra by Dr. Irma Garcia Spanish

Samstag, 2. Juli 2011

Agnihotra in Murzhofen, Austria

Frau Elke Steinscherer lud zum Bewustseinsstammtisch nach Muerzhofen ein. Agnihotra wurde begeistert aufgenommen und 11 neue Pyramiden werden in Austria zum wohl der Erde brennen. Vielen Dank an all die Freundlichkeit und Liebe, die ich beim Stammtisch erfahren durfte.

Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Das Rad des Dharma im Buddhismus.

1. Unwissenheit (dargestellt durch einen blinden Mann)
Unwissenheit (Nicht-Wissen) ist die Ursache allen karmisch-kausalen Handelns und bedeutet in der eigenen unmittelbaren Erfahrung die Wahrheit über die Natur des Geistes und die Wirklichkeit nicht zu kennen - und die falschen Ansichten und Gefühle („Verwirrtheit“), die ihren Ursprung im Nicht-Wissen haben.1)

2. Absichtvolles Tun (dargestellt durch einen Töpfer)
Aus dem Nicht-Wissen heraus handelt man auf der Basis eines Ichs (Ich-Identität). Es entsteht der Drang nach gewohnheitsmäßig wiederholten Handlungen, die auf einem - scheinbaren - Ich beruhen.
Unwissenheit und Absichtsvolles Tun (Gestaltendes Handeln) sind die Vorbedingungen („vergangene Bedingungen“), aus denen die folgenden Glieder entstehen. Aus unserer Unwissenheit heraus setzen wir eine Vielzahl heilsamer und nicht heilsamer Taten und lassen damit zahlreiche Eindrücke ("Samen karmischen Instinkts") in unser Bewusstsein.

3. Bewusstsein (dargestellt durch einen Affen, der einen Baum hinauf- und hinunterklettert)
Bewusstsein bezieht sich ganz allgemein auf die Fähigkeit zu empfinden. Es kann die Bewusstwerdung im Leben eines empfindungsfähigen Wesens oder der erste bewusste Moment in einer gegebenen Situation bedeuten. Das Auftauchen eines speziellen Bewusstseinsinhaltes, seine jeweilige Ausprägung ist durch die Saat bedingt, die durch das Absichtsvolle Tun des vorigen Gliedes gelegt ist.

4. Psychophysischer Komplex (dargestellt durch einen Mann in einem Boot)
Bewusstsein erfordert das Zusammenwirken von Körper und Geist (Name und Form: Form bezieht sich auf die materielle Basis, aus der sich unser Körper entwickelt, und Name auf die verschiedenen Eindrücke und Potentiale aus der Vergangenheit, die der Bewusstseinsstrom in sich trägt). Bewusstseinsmomente in einer gegebenen Situation können stärker sinnlich oder stärker mental ausgeprägt sein.

5. Sinne (dargestellt durch ein Haus mit Fenstern)
Körper und Geist bedeuten, dass man sechs Sinne hat, die in alle Ereignisse involviert sind: Man sieht, man hört, schmeckt, riecht, berührt und denkt (d.h. die uns vertrauten fünf Sinne und der Geist).

6. Kontakt (dargestellt durch eine Frau und einen Mann, die sich umarmen)
Jeder Bewusstseinsinhalt setzt einen Kontakt zwischen den Sinnen und dem Sinnesfeld, dem Objekt voraus. Ohne Kontakt gibt es keine sinnliche Erfahrung. Kontakt und Berührung führen zu den entsprechenden Sinnesobjekten.

7. Empfindung/Gefühl (dargestellt durch einen Menschen mit einem Pfeil im Auge)
Aus jedem Kontakt geht Empfinden hervor und ist entweder angenehm, unangenehm oder neutral. Jede Erfahrung hat eine Gefühlsfärbung. Grundlage des Empfindens ist stets einer der sechs Sinne. An diesem Punkt stößt man gleichsam mit der Welt zusammen.

8. Gier (dargestellt durch einen Menschen, der Alkohol trinkt)
Aus der Empfindung erwächst die Gier (das Verlangen), die als grundlegende automatische Reaktion in ihrer Grundform das Verlangen nach Angenehmen und das Zurückweisen von Unangenehmen ist.
An diesem Punkt der Kausalkette - und das macht dieses Bindeglied so wichtig - kann man in die bisher, aufgrund früherer Konditionierung automatisch ablaufenden Reaktionen eingreifen. Wie man mit der Gier umgeht, bestimmt, ob man eine Situation fortsetzt oder zu wandeln vermag.

9. Ergreifen (dargestellt durch einen Affen, der nach einer Frucht greift)
Gier hat unmittelbar Ergreifen und Anhaften zur Folge. Dies bezieht sich nicht nur auf Dinge und Situationen, die man sich wünscht, sondern auch auf die Abneigung gegen etwas, das man loswerden möchte.

10. Werden (dargestellt durch eine schwangere Frau)
Anhaften und Ergreifen führen automatisch zu einem Werden hin, zu einer Herausbildung von neuen Situationen in der Zukunft - im buddhistischen Sinne auch zu Wiedergeburt. Werden setzt die Bildung neuer Muster in Gang, die in künftige Situationen hinüberspielen.

11. Geburt (dargestellt durch ein Kind, das gerade geboren wird)
In der Geburt wird eine neue Situation und eine neue Seinsweise in dieser Situation geboren. Auf diesem Punkt, an dem man die Kausalkette gewöhnlich spürt, ist man schon über den Punkt hinaus, dass man noch etwas ändern könnte. Ein neuer Zyklus hat begonnen.

12. Altern und Tod (dargestellt durch einen Mann, der einen Leichnam trägt)
Jedes Entstehen hat zwangsläufig Auflösung zur Folge. Momente enden, Situationen enden und jedes Lebewesen stirbt. Der Tod ist in dieser zirkulären Kausalitätskette das kausale Bindeglied zum nächsten Zyklus der Kette. Der Tod eines Erfahrungsmomentes ist die kausale Vorbedingung für das Entstehen des nächsten Momentes. Und so lange es noch Nicht-Wissen und Verwirrung gibt, so die buddhistische Lehre, dreht sich das Rad endlos weiter.

Der Kreislauf der bedingten menschlichen Erfahrung wird Samsara genannt und bildlich als das ewig kreisende Rad der Existenz dargestellt, das von einer gnadenlosen Kausalität angetrieben wird: Die Vergangenheit lässt sich nicht ändern, früheres absichtsvolles Tun und früheres Nicht-Wissen nicht auslöschen. Da man lebt und einen psychophysischen Organismus hat, sind auch die Sinne und ihr Kontakt mit Objekten ebenso unausweichlich wie die Empfindungszustände, die hervorgerufen werden, und die daraus resultierende Gier.

Die Gier allerdings muss nicht - geeignete Methoden der Achtsamkeit in jedem einzelnen der Augenblicke vorausgesetzt - automatisch zum Ergreifen führen. Das ist die Stelle, so die Erfahrung und Lehre des Buddha, an der man die Kette der automatischen Konditionierung durchbrechen kann. Achtsamkeit ist deshalb die grundlegende Haltung aller buddhistischen Traditionen. Achtsamkeit ermöglicht es dem Meditierenden, Einsicht in das Entstehen und Vergehen der erfahrenen Situationen zu entwickeln und die normalerweise unbewusst ablaufende Kausalität des abhängigen Entstehens zu durchbrechen.2)

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Homa Farming New website

Dear All a new website has been added by Bruce about Homa Organic Farming.
Thanks Bruce. This time is very important. Let us implement Homa Farming into our existing farming techniques. The book pictures a conference held in India Tapovan and is available through FFP Mission.

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

PROJECT FOREST REJUVENATION concern for Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Australasia

Forests all over the world are under threat. Vast tracts of forest in many countries are being cut at rates which are totally unsustainable. But apart from this wholesale destruction, the trees in many parts of the world are diseased. In 2004, for example, German Environment Minister, Renate Künast, reported 31% of trees showed highest level of damage, i.e. crown death.

Satellite photos from NASA show that trees in the Amazon rainforest are also diseased and scientists have no solution for this. It is estimated that 28% of the world's oxygen supply originates from this Amazon area.

This threat to the world's forests is a threat to mankind's survival on the planet. Reafforestation programs are urgently needed to counteract this dangerous situation.

In India there are large areas of degraded forest land (apart from degraded non-forest land). One GOI estimate in 1998 suggested as much as 27 million hectares. Rejuvenation of these degraded forests will help to provide a counterbalance to the destruction of the world's forests while simultaneously being a great benefit to the tribal and other backward communities who rely on the forest for their existence.

Environmental Impact
• Any successful reforestation project will have an immediate effect, proportionate to the size of the project, in counteracting the ongoing loss of trees due to cutting and disease in the world's rainforests. Apart from feeding the oxygen/carbon dioxide recycling system, mixed forests also play an important role in
i. regulating the water cycle; they return as much as 75% of the moisture they receive to the atmosphere thus having a profound effect on rainfall
ii. maintaining ecological balance
iii. maintaining the circulation of nutrients in the soil
iv. preventing soil erosion
v. conservation of bio-diversity
vi. amelioration of climate
• Reforestation will also go some way towards counteracting the threat of global warming caused by massive and sustained burning of fossil fuels since all areas of forest cover act as a carbon sink for trapping CO2 one of the primary greenhouse gases.
• Once forest is regenerated, many species of plants and animals, including useful medicinal plants which depend on forest conditions for their existence, will begin to return to the forest and their populations will increase.

Social Impact
• Large numbers of people from tribal communities are dependent on forests (more than 1 million according to GOI estimates). Cutting of forests for commercial purposes has put great pressure on the livelihood of these forest-dwellers and even the continued survival of these communities is under threat.
• These people are very knowledgeable about the forests in which they live and the species the forest supports and if left alone they will normally manage these forests from one generation to the next in a very responsible and sustainable manner.
• Reforestation projects will help to stabilize their existence and reduce the growing trend of migration of these forest-dwellers to the big metros where more social problems are created.
• If they can maintain their livelihoods from the forest itself then less pressure will come on GOI to provide for these people.
Economic Impact
Two broad types of commercial activity are possible in the forest:
1. Destructive
Normally industry will be harvesting trees for timber or pulp. This is destructive. Even though regeneration programs are in place, normally these involve fast growing exotics in monoculture plantations further reducing bio-diversity and attracting insect and fungus attack. Old growth forests once cut take many years to regenerate.

2. Non-destructive
This type of activity is usually undertaken by the forest-dwellers. They understand and respect the forest as a living entity and their actions are in harmony with a responsible and sustainable commercial activity. Normally they will be collecting leaves and fruits or pruning branches or collecting dead wood. Rarely will they cut whole trees.
Our project will be totally in keeping with this non-destructive approach. Our aim is to regenerate forest growth so there is no question of cutting trees for income.

Now time is of the essence. Many top scientists are warning that in a few years if we continue cutting our forests at the present rate, we will have a global catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. Reforestation programs need to be instituted quickly to avert this disaster. But trees are relatively slow-growing. So we need to embrace the most advanced technology in order to regenerate as much forest area as possible in the shortest space of time. The most advanced technology in terms of growth rates of plants and trees comes from the ancient science of Vruksha Ayurveda which is now presented as HOMA Organic Farming. This is the methodology we will be utilizing in this project.

HOMA Organic Farming technology consists of:
1. establishment of the resonance point (establishment is done only once in a lifetime) (See Annexure 2: ESTABLISHING A HOMA RESONANCE POINT)
2. daily practice of Agnihotra at the exact time of sunrise and sunset according to the particular longitude and latitude of that place (See Annexure 1: AGNIHOTRA)
3. twenty-four hour round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Homa
4. simple mantras to be chanted during planting
5. utilization of Agnihotra ash in foliar spray and as soil enhancer
6. practice of simple methods of intercropping
7. utilization of GLORIA BIOSOL (See Annexure 3: Biosol)

This routine begins immediately after the establishment of the resonance point. Daily practices are extremely simple and anyone can do them. Homa Therapy volunteers teach everything free of charge.

HOMA atmosphere, especially that created by Agnihotra, acts as a catalyst on plant metabolism, causing the plant to reach for the nutrients it needs. Plants become strong and then absorb the nutrients. Plants become healthy and are able to blend with the ecological balance of things more efficiently. When plants are grown in HOMA atmosphere the plants themselves may not become large, but the quality, appearance and size of the vegetable, fruit and flower be superior. All the energy of the plant goes towards yield because atmosphere is nourished by performance of HOMA. Fruit trees yield fruit double the normal size if Agnihotra is performed regularly in plantations. Soil in HOMA atmosphere holds moisture better than any other soil. The metabolic process of plants is sped up. Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash, when put on the soil, help stabilize the amount of nitrogen and potassium present. Trace elements in the soil which are important to plant growth and maturation are diminishing rapidly. Homa re-establishes the ecological balance in the area.
According to ancient science more than 75 per cent of nutrition to plants and soil comes from the atmosphere. Modern Science of Agriculture does not consider this most important factor and speaks only of soil and water analysis to correct the nutritional deficiency. In HOMA Organic Farming, Agnihotra copper pyramid fire, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/ sunset is the basic tool to make the atmosphere nutritious.

Due to pollution cancer producing elements are found in the soil, water, air. Agnihotra can reduce the effect of these elements on the atmosphere.

Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash when put on the soil help stabilize the amount of nitrogen and potassium present. Agnihotra ash helps to make the phosphorus in the soil water soluble. (See Annexure 4: Water solubility of phosphorus)

HOMA technology offers:
• much higher production per acre than with agrochemicals, organic farming or any other method known to science.
• better taste, texture, colour, disease resistance, nutritional value, longer shelf life and reduction in harvesting losses
• shorter production cycles.
• much lower cost per hectare compared to any other system known to modern science whether it is chemical, biological or cultural. You can treat 150 acres at a time with only one Resonance Point.
• healthy chemical-free food with higher nutritional content than food produced with chemicals.

Our methodology comes from Vedas. It is holistic, systemic, integral and organic as opposed to mechanistic. Thus, it is closer to the methodology of Quantum Physics than that of other modern sciences, which usually follow the mechanistic model. Even though HOMA Organic Farming is based upon ancient Vedic sciences, it is very practical and simple, so anybody with little or no education can practice it.

The soil, water, atmosphere, subsoil water are all polluted by the metallic, nonmetallic and gaseous toxicants of different types. The soil in large areas of forest is nearly dead.
• In the rejuvenated soil different types of microorganisms, starting from the level of viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, thrive.
• Thus, a healthy micro-flora and micro-fauna is created.
• This gives rise to a micro environment or micro-system which is comparatively less toxic to the growing plants.
• The soil which has now become a living soil because of the presence of micro organisms, has all the chemical components useful for life in the form of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. According to modern theory, these three together form life in the form of bacteria. We have e.g. nitrogen fixing bacteria, also bacteria working on phosphorus content of soil.
• After the creation of such micro environment, creatures like earthworms thrive. They eat the soil, digest it and again replenish the soil.
• It has been found that when Agnihotra ash is added through normal soil it increases the water soluble phosphate content of the soil and the nutrients are absorbed readily by the root hair of the plant.
• Absorption of mega nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, because of small cells and active transport is helped by Homa atmosphere.


When you perform Agnihotra and other HOMAS in a garden, an atmosphere is created that is conducive to growing and therefore attracts the nutrients, insects, microorganisms and animals that would be happy and thrive in that environment.

This, of course, is because nature is so wonderful, it automatically benefits the soil and the plant, and the plant thrives.

The same thing happens when you use Agnihotra ash or Agnihotra ash water solution but it works more for the plants individually. By putting the ash around the individual plants or spraying the plants with ash water solution, those elements that are best for that plant are attracted to it and it thrives.

Of course, we have to use basic operations of farming like weeding, organic composting, spraying with Agnihotra ash water solution, etc.


• Minimum unit will be 150 acres
• Our target will be 40% forest cover
• Resonance Point will be established on this 150 acres
• Our trained technicians will operate the Resonance Point
• Agnihotra HOMA will be performed twice daily at sunrise and sunset
• Om Tryambakam HOMA will be maintained continuously 24 hours round-the-clock
• Materials required for the HOMAS will be generated from the land itself
• Cow dung and pure cow's ghee are the main materials to be used in the HOMA
• Hence Gau Shala (Cow shed) will be established with minimum 30 cows
• 20 acres will be set aside for growing fodder for the cows
• Small temporary accommodation structures will be erected for technicians who will carry out the project. Plus 2 simple huts for HOMA plus simple Gau Shala shelter
• Cow gas unit will be installed for cooking purposes plus light
• Vermicompost unit will be established
• Biosol unit will be established
• Combination of atmosphere saturated with vibrations from Agnihotra and HOMA, plus use of the extremely potent Biosol fertilizer means we will achieve phenomenal rates of growth of the newly planted saplings.
• Saplings themselves will be raised in HOMA nurseries. This will ensure their maximum health and strength to face any future adverse environmental conditions.

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

The Secret

Today our aim and motives are to gain as much materiel benefits as possible to live a comfortable life full secured financially and socially. Almost all of us focus on more income, because more money give us more freedom to do what we think is good for us or to fulfill our desires in what we think we require.
The more we get the better we feel. But is it really like that?
Actually we are lucky that we have millionaires and beggars. If for example we would all be millionaires no body would do the job to make our life’s comfortable. As the matter of fact with all the money on this planet it would be easy to make everyone a millionaire. Just it doesn’t work.
We shall look at this world and life from another angle.
Sometimes it seems that beggars are happier with their lives as millionaires.
Most of the less fortunate society in this world have more joy and feel deeper happiness then the financial well situated people. Why?
Look at the world today we see clearly money is required to be respected and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, having good education for the children, health care for mother, father and entire family. Also chances to see parts of the world which can only be visited if the necessary money flow is available.
Who remembers the old days? For example take the Amish people. More or less they have kept there lifestyle over centuries. One will help the other in any circumstance of life. Other cultures are still observing similar traditions all over the planet, but the majorities of the people have become individualized and live alone. Have to care for themselves because otherwise no body else would care. Without health insurance these days many countries do not even give medical assistance to us and send us home. We have made a big, big mistake to loose the respect to our fellow man and treat them as separate entities not worth caring for them if the system based on money does not provide to them. If they are poor they are left out….
Now a day some people say you create your own life. What you want you can have. Focus to become a millionaire and it may happen. Focus to become what you desire and it may happen. Alright we all can be happy that not all the people of the world focus to be millionaires, otherwise we would be fed up cause no body would do the job anymore.
To be wise we can make our fellow man again comfortable and give respect. Care for their needs and requirements in terms of basic standard and security. Care for our neighbors which have less then we do. Share a part of our income with them, but do it in the immediate neighborhood, do not look to fare away to help. Try to build up again communities who support each other in day to day life. Today we help and tomorrow we are helped. Try to live a natural lifestyle with the source of growing vegetable and food supplies etc. Build up communities based on love thy neighbor as thy self as the Bible says.
Yes that is the important input LOVE and RESPECT for each other. To communicate on how to build up a world we all desire which is full of joy and brotherhood.
Well these are the first steps to a happy life, secured life, a joyful life, but it is not the ultimate to be happy all the time, without been influenced by our own mind, actions and reactions, and other peoples opinions etc.
These are the basics first to be realized and go for it. Real happiness is beyond the world outside. This is an individual experience based on behaviors which we can follow and incorporate into our lives. It is a state of mind which comes about! Not followed by unhappiness! When the mind goes into the state of non attachment and becomes desire less. Completely surrendered to love, care and service to the entire world the state of mind can be experienced where there is no more separation, we see all the people as our family, we care for all of nature as we would care for our children, because we see all as one.
What is the secret? Can we do that? Better try NOW! Our mind is able to achieve That…!

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Die Zeit ist wie geschaffen, den Anleitungen des vedischen Wissens zu folgen (deutsch)

Liebe Schwestern und Brüder.
‚Die Zeit ist wie geschaffen, den Anleitungen des vedischen Wissens zu folgen. Den ältesten Weisheiten, die den Menschen bekannt sind. Dieses Wissen ist kein Monopol eines Landes oder einer Rasse und ist in der Sprache überliefert, die so alt ist wie die Schöpfung. Es ist unnütz über den Himmel zu sprechen, wenn wir nicht im Hier und Jetzt glücklich sein können. Die Natur kennt keine Favoriten und Du erntest was Du säst. Der FÜNFFÄLTIGE PFAD der vedischen Weisheiten ist die Grundlage für ein glückliches Leben auf der Erde. Der Weg ist frei, nun muss jeder für sich die Richtung bestimmen. Was die Religion als Gnade bezeichnet ist nur die Wirkung des fundamentalen Gesetzes dieser kosmischen Schriften, die sagen, “Achte auf Dein Karma und der Rest wird auf sich selber achten.“ Gebe Deinem Gemüt die vollkommene Farbe der Liebe. Dies ist der göttliche Weg, der Weg des Lichtes. (Vasant frei übersetzt ‚ Light towards divine Path). ‘
Liebe ist die stärkste Kraft im Universum. Auch wenn wir den Begriff Liebe nicht wirklich definieren können, da die Liebe die hier angesprochen wird die göttliche Liebe ist. Wieder kommt die Frage auf, was ist Gott? In den Veden wird gesagt:‘ ES ist nicht dies, ES ist nicht das. ‘ ES hat viele Namen! Heilige und Mystiker, die Gott erfahren haben berichten: ES ist Alles. Gott durchdringt die gesamte Existenz der Schöpfung. Jede Energie im Kosmos ist eine Manifestation aus Gott.
Wenn wir uns besinnen im HIER und JETZT und wieder unsere Göttlichkeit erwachen lassen, dann offenbart sich uns diese Erfahrung. ‚Ich und mein Vater (Mutter) sind EINS. ‘
Veda heißt Wissen, was uns dazu befähigt in Harmonie mit der Natur zu leben, in Einklang mit den schöpferischen Kräften. Wissen darüber befähigt uns Gleichgewicht und Zufriedenheit sowie aufrichtige, ehrliche Beziehungen und Partnerschaften zu unseren Mitmenschen, Schwestern und Brüdern zu bewahren.
Jeder Mensch geht seinen eigenen Weg. Kein anderer kann den Weg für uns gehen. Für eine Weile kommt es vielleicht vor, dass wir Begleitung haben, doch den letzten Schritt zu unserer persönlichen Erfahrung ins AllEins werden wir alleine machen müssen. Für Wahr, wir sind niemals getrennt, wir erkennen, das wir immer AllEins sind, aber dies wird nicht nur ein intellektuelles Wissen bleiben, in dem Moment der Erfahrung wird es zur Erkenntnis. Wir sind AlleEins.

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

A small attempt to through light on; ‘That which was in the beginning’.

The Veda is called ‘apourusheya’ since it is the revealed knowledge or the one received as the ‘shruti’ (heard), and not as a written document; also, it is not credited to any single author as such. There are 432 000 syllables, Ten Mandalas of 1028 Suktas (85 anuvakas) or hymns, having in all 10 552 verses in the Rig Veda Samhita. These are in devabhasha, the language spoken by Gods, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Devaas, and Rishis. It is believed that the Himalayas are the home of Gods and Sages.
The Rishis who have had revelations and heard the Veda Mantras are many and the most prominent of them are: Grutsamada, Vaishvamitra, Vama Deva, Atri, Bharadhvaja, Vashishtha, and Madhuchchandha.
Rishis heard the Anahata (sound of the Universe) in an exalted state of supreme consciousness (supra mental state). They are filled with joy of Enlightenment, jnyan, and the elixir of divine sounds flow in their inebriated state of divya ananda; they recited the hymns as udgatha in praise of Agni, Indra, Rudra, Varuna, Maruta, Mitra, the Ashvins and Vishve Devas in this Ananda state. These Vedic Sages, Gods, Deities, are the source of Light, Force and Energies. They cut the evil forces, prevent the effect of evil-doers, clear all the obstructions to spiritual progress, that come in the way of human effort to attain to the divine, immortality.
The chants of hymns usher in subtle sounds and images of divine thoughts and words (of revealed knowledge) that come to be known as the Shrutis, the one imparted to a few favored disciples from the Great Rishis and, handed down to us over the eons in a coded language of Sanskrut.
There is a wide gap of time and distance between the times when the Veda was in vogue among the enlightened Rishis of the Satya Yuga and the times we are reading them in books now in Kaliyuga. Scholars interpret the Sanskrit words and hymns (mostly referring to grammar, composition and dictionary for meaning) and thus, over the eons, there have been much distortion and aberrations in the conveyed words. The original meaning of words has also undergone much change and got corrupted due to wrong usages.
The word Akasha for example has varied meanings like ocean, space, sea, womb and all that holds! Similarly the words sat, prana, prajnya are not simply truth, life-breath or vital sirs, or consciousness, respectively. English language is too poor to convey the depth and range of spiritual meaning of Rigs. Agni Suktam rendered by several Rishis is a pointer in this regard. The very first mantra of the First Suktam of the Rig Veda is extremely difficult to understand.
The Veda is not something to be spoken of, or written, interpreted, read and understood by the intellectuals as an academic exercise. The Veda is Annam (food) that has to be consumed in order to gain spiritual strength. The Annam for the body is different from the Annam for the Mind, Annam for the Prana and the Annam for the Soul, ‘rather the soul itself the Annam for all’. ‘It is this Annam that is offered to the Agni in Yajnya for redemption’. Thus, everything is Annam! It is Fire (citi), fire of Consciousness and it pervades every cell of the body as prajnya, caitanya, prana, life-breath, and it shines in its own glory! It is Brahman- “Annam Brahma”.
Ucchaishravas, although considered ‘the white Horse’, shravas meaning Light, Truth, it is the bright Light, Enlightenment, the Highest Truth. (ucchaishravas = higher illumination).
Thus, the Rigs are too mystic, potential creators, full of creative energy. The objective world is a product of the sacred word, the Rig. It is strange that silence speaks much better than sound here. There is more meaning in silence (abhava) and gaps (sandhi) between syllables, letters, words and verses and hymns. To interpret the silence, a dynamic and potentially creative force, is more important than the mere words since every syllable is a movement, a creative force that expand time, space, and causation. It (the silence) conveys the Brahma that is beyond the ability of the intellect, thoughts, and words, to grasp or comprehend. The Veda is the self-expression of ‘tat’, the divine ‘Truth’ called ‘sat; it is Satyam, and Anandam, and the ‘Brahma’. This is not the acquired knowledge from any external source. This is the revelation and a personal experience of the Rishis, the attained ones.
If anybody says, he knows the Veda he knows not! The Veda that we have now is for the sole purpose of enlightenment and emancipation through chanting and rejuvenating oneself with the solemn vibrations of sounds of the sacred words and, it is not for analysis and interpretation. In the original form, the Veda was the road map of creation. It contained the signs and symbols of routes to creation (srushti), sustenance (sthiti), development (vikasa) and dissolution (laya). It contains the secret of evolution. It reveals the road to success in the battle of truth and untruth. It is full of symbols and holds the secret of this universe. (Excerpts from Taittriya Upanishad).
The picture above shows Lord Bhagwan Parashurama, a white horse and four books. When ever an Avatar of highest order graces our planet with His appearance Parashurama has some important work to do. The white horse also symbolizes the event of Kalki Avatar, the Avatar for the destruction of pollution. The four books symbolize the four Vedas. It is the work of Kalki Avatar to resuscitate the Vedas. It is interesting that this picture clearly shows the connection between Kalki Avatar, Bhagwan Parashurama and the first and eternal revelation Veda.